The Most Perfect Setting For Dining in the Costa Blanca

VALL DE CAVALL unique is unique in its own surroundings.


Set amongst the beautiful hills just outside the town of Gata De  Gorgos sits the wonderful restaurant that is Vall de Cavall.


The restaurant is part of the magnificent complex that has wonderful views a stunning long driveway past fields of the most delightful horses and scenery you can ever imagine.


The Vall de Cavall restaurant has over the years maintained a high quality of service and quality of food that it is hard to imagine anyone else trying to compare themselves with this wonderful restaurant as it is truly unique in its ambience.


We were fortunate to find ourselves this summer dining for three at lunchtime with a lot of varied customers from all over Europe some Dutch- Belgian- German- Spanish and English, as the restaurant appeals to everyone who wants to spend quality time with a cuisine that is hard to match anywhere else.


We were first of all impressed with the quality of the waiter service as not only are they extremely professional but their knowledge of the food and wines is exceptional and always with a friendly and warm smile and our waiter Hamza was wonderful as my wife and daughter enjoyed his conversation.


We started with a variety of starters from the A LA CARTE menus and these consisted of grilled scallops with saffron and parmesan cream which was delicious and also we enjoyed Garlic prawns with rosemary and dry tomato plus the lovely goat’s cheese salad with beets and walnuts which my daughter said was simply wonderful.



After also taking on board the best wine to have with our meals we selected the Finca La Colina which is an award-winning sauvignon blanc from Sans Bodega.




My wife ordered the sea bass which was one of the best she had ever tasted.  Served on a bed of tomatoes and onion its presentation made you not want to touch it 



I wanted to be brave and try something different so opted for the Piglet which they cook overnight then put into water and then it is put in the oven again to make it crispy on the outside and it falls of the fork on the inside it is so tender.



Our Daughter Chloe decided to try the Roasted Lamb and again the presentation was exceptional as it is slowly cooked in its own juices and with the lovely arrangement of vegetables and a marmalade chutney it went down very well.



The meal was very filling and we all sampled the tastes of each other’s food as after all, it is a food review and we all commented on trying each others next time we visit as you have to taste the food to realise how good it really is.


The service, as I mentioned, was what also made this visit so wonderful and as an example of this I suddenly saw a fly decide to come in and land on my glass and before I had time to deal with it the waiter produced a clean glass and a filter. It was an excellent touch and special service that makes this unique.


Whilst we were dining we also got involved in a nice conversation with a lovely couple from England. After they enjoyed their meal, their daughter was able to use the outdoor swimming pool facilities that are adjacent to the restaurant. It turned out they had their wedding reception at VALL DE CAVALL five years previous and now had brought their daughter along, as their opinion of the establishment was so high.


To conclude our meal we ordered crème brûlée – Pavlova with Seasonal Fruits and also a special carrot cake with Pumpkin ice cream and raspberries which was delightful and once we had completed this lovely three-course meal we just admitted the lovely setting of the horses on their exercises and the lovely views across the mountains.



Overall I have to say that we are fortunate here at Spain Life to meet and dine out at some of the best restaurants in the Costa Blanca but forget your Michelin stars and ego trip places this restaurant VALL DE CAVALL I would argue is one of the best you will ever dine out in and we recommend you book there at  lunchtime or evening you will not fail to be impressed.


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