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Well, we can finally put the frigid and short days of winter behind us as with sunnier days ahead one of the most exciting aspects of a new season is new trends ….and as spring has just come we here at Spain Life have been looking at the latest in fashion for this season and we are showing you here some of the items we have picked.


From the latest trends of the moment to the latest catwalk inspiration or the best ‘business casual’ style we have them here plus pastel shades and shoes that will culminate the best spring outfits,  we have researched some of the trends that are already on the racks of most of the stores premiering their new collections.


Every season brings countless trends and new proposals and sometimes it is difficult to choose if you are not sure and trying to hoard all the novelties is often the biggest mistake we make every time a new season begins, meaning accumulating dozens of garments that will probably only leave the closet a couple of times.


To avoid this, we suggest focusing on two aspects that some of the best fashion experts recommend: on the one hand, “opt for trends that are likely to stay for several seasons; and choose only those that really flatter”, the experts tell us.


The season of flowers is here and these are the three  keys to understanding the most flattering trends right now that you should join in with  this spring:




Casual business


It is a fact that lately the formal style has been relaxed giving way to even wearing tracksuits and leggings to go to the office and not to mention that sneakers became the heart and soul of today’s lifestyle since even many top brands are producing luxury sneakers.


The thing is this business casual trend brings a lot of style, as its name suggests, it incorporates styles associated with the ‘business look’ such as blazers, suits, and pleated pants, but gives them a twist to make them more casual, relaxed and chic.




























Blue blazer – Zara

Beige blazer – Zara

Black blazer – Zara



To carry them out there are endless possibilities and stylists highlight some very simple ones such as: “Combine oversize blazers with jeans; suits with sneakers or sandals; or baggy men’s pants with platform sneakers”.


For the trend to be flattering and stylish it is necessary to know your silhouette well to make it flatter you. If it is a straight silhouette, you can wear a whole ‘oversize’ look, but if it’s otherwise and you have curves, we recommend wearing a wide garment (for example, the jacket or trousers) and the other part, tighter, to create a more flattering optical effect.





La vie en pink

Although Pantone announced yellow and gray as the colors of the year, pink will be one of the star colors of this season. Actually, all pastel shades and the eternal dilemma for which this season we no longer have to choose because most of them will be equally romantic and flattering now that with the good weather the skin begins to tan.





























Pink skirt – Zara

Pink straight cropped pants – Bershka





Some of the big brands also include blue as one of the favorite colors of the season.





































Cropped poplin bodysuit – Zara





Faced with this pastel explosion, experts also suggest rescuing the yellow and lilac garments of past seasons.








As with every spring, dresses are always a good idea, and often a  flattering garment if you know how to choose it. In countless shapes, lengths, colors, and prints, the key is to choose relaxed silhouettes and not too tight and opt for designs that can last in your closet for at least a couple of seasons.


The white color is also a fantastic choice especially when we want to highlight the tan or our natural skin. With gathers in specific areas to conceal and create a more flattering optical effect.


We suggest to bet on comfort and opt for loose-fitting dresses now that temperatures are starting to rise; in ‘mini’ version to show off legs or ‘maxi’ to get that versatile garment that you can use both for a formal dinner with heels and evening accessories, or for a spring picnic with a flat sandal and denim jacket.


































Midi dress – Zara

Wrap dress – Zara














































White dress – Zara

Baby blue dress – Zara

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