The hidden gem restaurant that you need to visit in Denia

The beautiful restaurant La Calma is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the area between El Poblets and the city of Denia and it is, without doubt, a hidden gem because, for those who don’t know it yet, it is set in a charming little corner on the vast beach where you can enjoy the rich local gastronomy.


From the first time you set foot in there, you will feel that you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, in a place where you can only breathe calmness and of course the good smell of the delicious food they serve.


It is a dream for lovers of gastronomy and the Mediterranean Sea due to its high-quality cuisine and its privileged setting. La Calma is a true pleasure for the senses, where every single detail has been chosen with respect and love to give it the real meaning it has, and that well defines its name, La Calma.



The place is out of the ordinary being only five meters from the sea, with a modern design, elegant and a very modern indoor setting with a lovely and sunny terrace in a Mediterranean style where to taste one of its exquisite dishes becomes a different and unique experience. You can listen to the sound of the waves of the sea and relax watching one of the most impressive sunsets of the day and if you wish walk barefoot feeling the warm sand on your feet after a day of bright sunshine.



The impressive terrace also has a bar with a high-quality barbecue area for the endless summer days and nights.


The idea of this unique restaurant was to unify design with quality and beach, a unique space to enjoy fine dining and perfect cuisine wherever you feel like it, either in its modern design indoors or with the seawater almost touching your feet.




At La Calma, nothing disrupts the harmony as everything seems to emphasize the inclusive ambiance of this wonderful place, so its Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine blends perfectly with the enviable setting.


Here you will only find fresh, seasonal produce sourced directly from carefully selected local suppliers. At La Calma, you can enjoy meat, fish, and exquisite rice and fideua dishes carefully prepared with the best local and iconological products, such as rice from Pego Natura S.L., by their master rice cook Manuel Juaquín Pastor Díaz.






























































Often you will also find different and creative dishes as they like to innovate in order to offer you not only the best but also different dishes mixing ingredients to surprise you.





























A highlight of La Calma is its professional and friendly staff, one of the unwavering foundations of this unique restaurant is that the team behind it is not random.

Only those who have been won over by this place, who are in love with their work and who welcome with joy every person who enters La Calma can work here.


At La Calma, they firmly believe that even in the coziest restaurant with the most exquisite dishes, it is impossible to do this without a dedicated employee.

And this is something that Spain Life can assure you, if you ask any of their team, they will be happy to share the pleasant experience of working at La Calma.


And this is very noticeable in how the guests feel because, besides the magical place, the excellent service of the staff puts a smile on your face that you will always want to come back.


Therefore, from Spain Life, we highly recommend you to try this magnificent restaurant with pure romantic vibes on the sand of La Almadraba, where you not only can enjoy their dishes also their signature cocktails. We are sure you will want to come back.



















You can enjoy all their exquisite dishes there or they also have the option to take them home. You can order by WhatsApp +34 667 23 23 20 and they will send you their digital menu and all the information you need.



Opening hours from 10:00 to 18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed).





Contact details:

Carrer Riu Alcorà, 14


966 28 85 87

WhatsApp: +34 667 23 23 20


















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