The first organic anti-aging skincare brand from Okinawa, exclusive at Maisolence.

Directly from Japan, meet the exclusive Ecocert certified skincare brand called RUHAKU.


Ruhaku products are made with a traditional and unique herb native to Okinawa called Gettou which has exceptional anti-oxidant properties.  Its leaves contain 30 times more polyphenols than red winemaking it the first completely organic mature skincare brand.


A product can be natural and organic, but not all-natural products are organic, or even 100 percent natural. At Maisolence, they know how important for all of your skincare to be natural for your overall health, so that’s why they bring Ruhaku products, unique on the organic market.


This fabulous skincare brand is dedicated to the healing and self-reliance of all women striving to live beautifully in today’s stressful society. Its products will deliver beautifying and moisturizing effects to your skin. It will moisturize and soothe delicate skin, prone to stress and exhaustion.


OKINAWA, the origin of the unique plants

Known also as the island of longevity, Okinawa is a resort island of Japan, and it is famous for its high life expectancy.

The benefits provided by the unique plants (Gettou) only found on the island contribute a lot to the health of its inhabitants.


Gettou herb water and Gettou essential oil are gathering attention for their anti-aging effect. Only 30cc of Gettou essential oil can be extracted from 100kg of leaves.

Moreover, these plants have an aromatic effect that calms women’s minds that are likely to fluctuate by the changes of hormonal unbalance.


UMIBUDO among its ingredients



In Japanese, the word “umibudo” translates literally to “sea grapes,” which is exactly what they are called in English. Seagrapes, however, is actually a type of seaweed very much like a grape of fruit that grows in the ocean. It is a very rare seaweed that can only find under the tropical sun and clean sea around Okinawa.


It has been popular since ancient times around Okinawa as the “longevity grass of the sea”.


It contains rich minerals, polyphenol, and amino acid and works as a moisturizer.






The cleansing oil removes make-up and impurities, as excess sebum without damaging the natural protection of your skin.


Besides, it restores the thick extra layer of dead skin cells caused by disruption of the skin cycle, caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays which results in skin aging.


While applying, let yourself relax with the fresh and pleasant aroma of the Gettou herb. Formulated from AHA natural sources coming from 5 botanical extracts, this reset cleansing oil will leave your skin in a shining and clean state.


Skin toning lotions and beauty oils easily penetrate smooth and radiant skin that has been exfoliated.





The Clear Moist Lotion moisturizes the skin while softly removing cleansing agents and remaining makeup that causes dry and rough skin. Pure skin that has no stains improves the penetration of beauty oil.


Sea salt that contains rich minerals softens cuticles and leads to smooth skin. Blended with Okinawa’s sea grapes with high moisturization benefits to preserve a hydrated skin.


GETTOU that has a high antioxidant effect and care the UV damage will lead to fresh and youthful skin.





The Cycle Repair oil leads to firm and elastic skin by adjusting the skin cycle that is likely to be irregular as getting old and supporting the skin that is damaged by UV radiation.


The ultimate anti-aging oil that contains rich vitamin E and Argan oil that prevents skin oxidation. Blended with sesame oil that improves the circulation by removing reactive oxygen, and accelerating metabolism.


Rosehip oil that contains rich essential fatty acid indispensable for fresh and youthful skin will make your skin soften.


Gettou herb with its high content of antioxidants will care for the UV damage and lead to fresh and youthful skin.





People who live in a dry environment and in which the water is hard to tend to have a lower secretory capacity of sebum, and the cuticles are likely to be thick.


This is the moisture cream that makes such skins soft and elastic. 6 types of plant oil cover your skin and save it from drying. The beautiful seawater from Brittany the birthplace of thalassotherapy makes your skin soft.


GETTOU that has a high antioxidant effect and care the UV damage will lead to fresh and youthful skin. 2 types of aroma are blended. They will calm you down, and heal your skin and mind.



All the products mentioned in this article are available on their website. Maisolence’s lovely staff of beauty experts are happy to help and advise you on whatever your skin needs.



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