The Bottling of the Famous Bahia De Denia Fermentado Wine by Bodegas Xaló

Bodegas Xaló bottled the Bahia de Dénia Fermentado 2021 on the first day of summer, June 21, 2022. Because of last year’s popularity, the Limited Edition this year contains 3,900 bottles, which is twice as much as in 2020.


Time for fermentation


The fermentation duration in oak barrels varies from year to year, thus tastings are performed on a regular basis to monitor its progress. Fermentation is heavily influenced by the type of wood used; French oak is not the same as American oak, and not all French oak is the same. Because the porosity of each wood affects the fermentation process, it is critical to utilize barrels of the same kind and provenance each year. Even yet, there are always some variations, not just due to the vintage, but also to the unique evolution of each barrel.


Bottling starts


Sergio Balaguer found that the best moment to bottle the Bahia de Dénia Fermentado was the first day of summer in 2022. The wine must now rest in the bottle until the ideal time for drinking arrives.

According to winemaker Sergio Balaguer of Bodegas Xaló, the 2020 Bahia de Dénia Fermentado reached its optimal moment of consumption 12 months after bottling, and those who were fortunate enough to keep a bottle of this magnificent wine can now enjoy its extraordinary flavor and aromas the best time, during the summer of 2022.


A one-of-a-kind and rare wine


Sergio Balaguer is periodically examining its progress in the bottle to determine when this second edition of Bahia de Dénia Fermentado should be put on sale, and Bodegas Xaló is keen for its clients to be able to sample this outstanding wine for another year.

The Bahia de Dénia Fermentado astonishes with the subtleties of a dry white wine created from Muscat grapes, as well as the taste and aromas offered by French oak wood.


When will it be available to buy?


Bodegas Xaló announcing it will be available from Monday 28th and for all those who want to be up to date on their launchings just check their social media and the website.



Contact Details:

Address: Bodegas Xaló
Crta.Xaló-Alcalalí. S/N
03727, Alicante (Alicante)
Tel.: 966480034



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