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Valencia, Spain´s third largest city, is a place rich in history, culture, tradition and style. The ample yet accessible city offers everything from incredible food to unique shops- all coated with charm and elegance. And although it is absolutely enchanting to just wander the city and find hidden treasures, we decided to save you a little time and present some of our Valencian favourites. From a doctor who is helping people feel more beautiful in their own skin to a jewellery designer who creates remarkable wearable art, this list presents you with four gems of Valencia. We also included our top three picks for the best restaurants in Valencia- all awarded with the coveted Michelin Star rating. So, the next time you visit you will be inspired to explore, eat and simply enjoy this vibrant and charming city by the sea.


CLAUDIA PARRA- Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Claudia Parra


In our opinion, Dr. Claudia Parra is the best doctor for all your plastic surgery needs. With over 20 years of experience, she is highly skilled in both plastic and reconstructive surgery with the goal to empower her patients. She describes, ¨I chose the specialty of plastic surgery because of how important reconstructive surgery is for a human being and the aesthetics that is linked to the art of beauty and psychology since some complexes affect self-esteem in a negative way.¨ Dr. Claudia Parra is also on the forefront of aesthetic medicine and offers a variety of non-surgical treatments like Botox, fillers and lasers to help with different concerns but are less invasive than traditional plastic surgery methods. Visit her clinic located in the heart of Valencia and begin your journey to looking and feeling your best.


Address: C/ San Vicente Mártir, 72

pta. 2 46002 Valencia



Telephone: +96 352 13 88

Facebook: Dr. Claudia Parra




Clinica Llobell Cortell


The dynamic family duo, Dr. Arturo Llobell and his father Dr. Enrique Llobell, of Clinica Llobell Cortell are Valencia´s highly experienced and qualified leaders in dental surgery. The clinic has been in the family for over 80 years, cementing the Llobell family as a trusted pillar of oral health in the community. With over 30 years of experience, they are the leaders for oral implants in Spain and professionals from around the world flock to them for their expertise in the field. The team at Clinica Llobell Cortell understand visiting the dentist can be daunting for many people so they pride themselves on creating a welcoming and understanding environment for all their patients. Let their impressive credentials bring you into the clinic and be amazed by their warmth, care and individual attention.


Address: Calle Cirilo Amorós 44, pta 1, Valencia


Telephone: 963 810 455




VICENTE GRACIA JOYAS- Jewellery Designer

Vicente Gracia


Vicente Gracia is Valencia´s leading jewellery designer. Born in Valencia in 1961, Vicente was surrounded by opulent designs and style his whole life. His father restored the jewels of the Valencian aristocracy, so as a young boy Vicente knew he was destined to one day create glorious designs of his own. His unique pieces seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, paying homage to the rich history of his home while also looking intently to where the future of design is going. He is proud to continue his art in his hometown and continuously use it as inspiration and support. His showroom showcases all his latest designs and has a rich history of its own. It is located inside a building built in 1898 that is one of the few examples of Neomozarab architecture in Valencia. Visit him at Carrer de la Pau 4 and escape to the magical and mysterious world that is Vicente Gracia.


Address: Carrer de la Pau, 4, Bajo Izquierda

46003 València

Telephone: 963 510 618





ROCHE BOBOIS- Furniture Company

Roche Bobois


Roche Bobois is our recommended furniture and interiors retailer in Valencia. They are a world leader in furniture design synonymous with style, class and innovation. They do not just sell furniture, they amplify interiors with a wide array of designs suitable to all style preferences. With over 60 years of experience in the furniture design sector, the Roche Bobois company has a worldwide presence with showrooms in 56 countries. The team at Roche Bobois Valencia understand the intricate details of furniture selection and are pleased to match customers with the perfect interior space to live life in. As the times change and design elements progress or reminiscence on the past, Rocher Bobois is at the forefront of the furniture design evolution while never compromising quality or functionality.







Valencia Showroom

Plaza de Alfonso ‘El Magnánimo’, 5
46003 Valencia

Tel: (+34) 963 536 057 / 638016204

Make an appointment to visit the Valencia showroom by clicking here.



So now let’s explore our top picks for dining in Valencia. These three restaurants are all leaders in the Valencian gastronomy community and have received the prestigious Michelin star. They are sure to impress you with their unique creations, impeccable service and enjoyable atmosphere.





The concept of Fierro is simple- one table, twelve seats and a menu that will both surprise and delight you. Fierro is the product of two culinary masterminds, Carito Lourenço & German Carrizo, who founded the restaurant as a passion project that quickly become a successful dream realized. The accumulation of a Michelin star in 2020 secured Fierro as one of the leaders of progressive gastronomy in Valencia. Their innovative menus are adapted to the season in order to work with what nature is offering, never against it. If you are familiar with Spanish cuisine, the wine is often just as important as the food. And the same is true for Fierro and their sommelier Eva Pizarro who is constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring the ever-expanding interconnection between food and wine.


Address: Doctor Serrano Street, 4
46006 – Valencia (Spain)

Telephone:+34 963 305 244








La Salita


Begoña Rodrigo, chef and owner of La Salita, is passionate about creating unique, progressive and above all enjoyable dishes. Traveling and cooking in locations such as Mozambique, Thailand, the United States and London has inspired Begoña to create a vibrant fusion of flavours whilst still paying homage to her Valencian roots. Since opening the doors in 2005, La Salita and Chef Begoña have become a respectable force within the Valencia gastronomic community and beyond, receiving a Michelin star for Begoña´s eclectic creations. A charming quality to her execution of dishes is her commitment to using local ingredients and overseeing the cultivation of vegetables from planting the seed all the way to the food arriving on the table of happy customers.


Address: 12 Séneca Street (Yecla street corner)

Algirós district, 46021 Valencia, Spain

Telephone: +34 963 81 75 16 / +34 601724245

Email: /








RIFF is a quaint yet sophisticated restaurant that has stood the test of time. Opened nearly two decades ago in the heart of Valencia, RIFF is a pillar of gastronomy in the area and has received a Michelin Star. The food is ever-evolving and inspired by a unique mosaic of European cuisines. Owner and chef Bernd Knöller intentionally designed the restaurant to be small in order to be able to see the face of every person he is cooking for- connecting the chef and the patron through food. They offer a variety of set menus, including one for vegetarians, and an impressive selection of wine to accompany your meal. To make a reservation visit their website here.


Address: Conde de Altea, 18

46005 Valencia, Spain

Telephone: +34 963 335 353 |  +34 671 875 975





As you have discovered, Valencia is a city rich in style, quality and gastronomic delights. Enjoy visiting all the locations we have mentioned above and create a charming tour of Valencia you will surely remember and plan to repeat. For more information about restaurants and businesses in Valencia, visit our city section here.

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