The Bed Centre: Luxury British Beds On The Costa Blanca

Sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy & happy lifestyle as it’s not only a time for rejuvenation and repair but sets you up for the day ahead.


Sleep deprivation or getting poor sleep has been linked to a downgrade in cognitive ability, increased risk of illness and lower overall mood.


One of the best ways to get a good nights sleep is to invest in a top quality bed.


That’s where The Bed Centre comes into play. At the heart of the Costa Blanca, they’ve always been devoted to delivering the best solutions for a superb sleep, supplying exceptional British and quality locally made beds, bed linen and bedroom accessories.




That’s why the fact they stock beds from one of Britain’s most esteemed bed makers Hypnos should really come as no surprise.


Hypnos is a family run business that has been producing luxury beds for over five generations. Their beds can be found in some of Britain’s leading hotels, palaces and after a visit to The Bed Centre, your own home.  



A great night sleep isn’t reserved for royalty. The Bed Centre guarantees comfort, support and style across the board in their range of handpicked beds for any budget. They’re ready to give expert advice to each and every customer to make sure they’re 100% satisfied with their purchase.  



All of this with lightning fast delivery means we cannot recommend them highly enough.


If you’re tired of bad sleep then pop in for a chat with Lucy or Gemma and try out a bed in store and rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice with The Bed Centre. Tel. 96 583 6814


The Bed Centre store can be located at:


Centro Commercial Bilblos

Local 8/URB Los Pinos 1K

Calpe 03710



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