Thai Spa: Reconnect with your spiritual balance

We go running everywhere. Our pace of life is frantic. We are always stressed and always in a hurry. Do you remember when was the last time you had time to dedicate yourself? It’s time for you to pamper yourself more. If you want to enjoy a truly relaxing experience that will help you achieve spiritual and physical well-being, we invite you to discover the benefits of Thai Spa.


We propose you a trip to the East, to the enchanting and colourful lands of China, India and Thailand. The culture and ancestral tradition of their people has led them to develop the most efficient techniques to unlock and recover the body’s functioning in a natural and relaxed way, getting it to be in perfect harmony with the mind through pleasant sensations. These techniques have been used for more than 2,500 years, reaching the maximum welfare quotas.


In the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa we find true experts in these ancient techniques. As they tell us, traditional Thai massage helps us reach the maximum exponent of the philosophy of peace, tranquillity and harmony. They use the wisdom of the traditional Thai massage school, the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok. Therefore, the professionals of this hotel are specially trained to free your body and spirit from all kinds of injuries and harms, as well as giving us back is physical bio-balance.


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This Thai Spa is an exclusive project among all the 5-star hotels with spa in Spain and Europe. In this space, built and designed by the team of Hogarguti professionals, you will feel peace, magic, wisdom and tradition in each of their treatments.


Return your spirit to its natural balance with Thai treatments

In this luxury resort you can enjoy different treatments suitable to relax and enjoy a universe of sensations as harmonious as pleasant. Enjoy as never before with these massages offered by Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa.


  • Nuad Thai treatment, the traditional Thai massage.
  • Nuad Balinese, an exquisite Balinese massage with oils.
  • Four Hands, a wonderful four-hand massage.
  • Nuad Lomi Lomi, a relaxing massage with oils.
  • Nuad Thai, the Thai massage.
  • Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic massage.
  • Nuad Nam Mun, Thai massage and massage with oils.
  • Lool For Khob Nam Mun, a digital pressure massage and herbal compress massage.
  • Kohn Thong, special massage for pregnant women.
  • Exfoliation and body hydration.
  • Facial treatment.


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All have a minimum duration of 60 minutes, although you can opt for a longer version of 120 minutes. In addition, if you prefer, you can opt for a complete seven-day Saranrom program in contact with nature. For a week, you will enjoy massages, facials, scrubs, wraps and much more. Get in touch with the hotel staff and configure your custom treatment for you based on the days you are going to stay at this fantastic 5-star luxury hotel.


Thai rituals to reconnect with yourself

The massages and treatments are just wonderful, but this ancient tradition has much more to offer. With the Renacer Wellness retreat program you can participate in a retreat surrounded by gardens where health, well-being and inner strength are enhanced. For this, the professionals at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa offer you a series of fantastic oriental activities, such as tai chi, chi-kung, meditation or yoga. All this is complemented by a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere inspired by Southeast Asia and a program of Eastern and Western dietetics.


In addition, among other activities proposed by the hotel, every day in the afternoon you can participate in the tea ceremony to recover energy without consuming too much caffeine. The variety of tea changes by country to increase the richness of flavours and nuances.


On the other hand, in the hotel spa you will find five indoor massage rooms with full bath and bathtub. In two of them there are tatamis, and in the others you will find comfortable Balinese beds and armchairs for foot massages. Also, in this luxurious spa you can enjoy a Turkish bath, indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor palafittes for traditional Thai massages, a terrace with a solarium and a relaxation area with infusion service. And if you still want more, there is also a complete gym and fitness centre to exercise and relax in the middle of nature.


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Enjoy the luxury of having a relaxed and stress-free body

Would you like to enjoy the luxury of a relaxed and stress-free body and mind? Make your reservation now at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa and discover a universe of oriental sensations. We recommend booking your treatment as soon as possible to ensure the most convenient availability for you. You can make your reservations at the spa by calling +34 966 818 404 directly or by sending an email to For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa

Rotonda de Fuego, Terra Mitica, in Finestrat (Alicante), just 25 minutes from the AVE train station of Alicante and just over an hour from the Valencia Airport

Phone: +34 966 818 400


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