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Kim and Tom and their talented team of professionals Ten Ten Interior Design brought their unique skills from the UK to the Costa Blanca in 2015. Their business launches in a new direction with an office, showroom and retail store set to open in Javea. Watch this space for more news on that.


Spain Life Exclusive caught up with Kim and Tom to find out why everyone wants to work with Ten Ten. It’s not just in Spain and the UK either – their website has glowing testimonials from Copenhagen and Malaysia, as well as closer to home, where one Javea company has used Kim’s team to furnish and design a number of apartments. Their verdict?

Our instincts told us to go with Kim and Tom, due to their knowledge and enthusiasm. We now have the best apartments in the higher end of Javea, so our instincts were right.


Ten Ten Javea


The first thing we were curious about is the rather unusual brand name. Design companies often go in for more flowery names, but Ten Ten is punchy and memorable. Kim says:


We always give 100% in everything we do, plus we can take the whole project through from conception to completion, so we like to be involved from the start when the plans are drawn up , even if it’s a year or more until our services are needed. So we decided on Ten Ten, as we give ten out of ten on service, commitment to the project and value for money.


Ten Ten Javea


Value for money is not what immediately comes into mind when thinking of interior design, is it? We are used to fancy flounces on tv, as the designer breezes in, complete with an army of attendants carrying various bits and pieces and put them where they are told. Ten Ten is not about that at all. Tom hasn’t even got a frilly Laurence Llewellyn style shirt! In fact, this is very much a hands-on operation, with Kim and Tom at the heart of every project, along with members of their team of trusted tradespeople and artisans.


Kim and Tom are keen to scotch that stereotype. While they cater for all budgets and tastes, their priority is customer satisfaction, and as they pointed out, the right interior designers can actually save you money in the long run. Tom explained:


Take the small example of a light over a dining room table. The architect who draws up the plans doesn’t care where everything is going, he’s just building the shell for you, and he sees the house, not the home. We think like architects, and if we’re in from the start, we can make suggestions based on our vision of the finished article, and your plans for your living space.


One way to understand what Tom means is to think of your house like a chocolate éclair. The architects and builders are responsible for the choux pastry shell, but until Ten Ten add the cream and chocolate topping with their design skills, it’s not a complete cake, and you won’t be able to savour it at its best.


Ten Ten Javea


If you see that as an unusual analogy, that’s probably because Ten Ten is not your usual design company. Kim has degrees in draughtsmanship and interior design, and Tom is a successful engineer & entrepreneur with a creative streak and a passion for all he does. They think like architects when planning designs, so they will make sure anything that finds its way into your living space is of the style and size you need to complete your unique look for your home. There’ll be no need to send back a sofa that won’t go up the stairs with Kim and Tom on the project.


Ten Ten is unique in that it has the talent in its management and their team of trusted partners to take the project right the way through from first ideas to finished project. They take care of every aspect of planning, sourcing and execution, and keep you informed at every step on the journey. That takes all the stress out of your project, because all you need to do is wait to see your dream take shape.


This is really important to both Kim and Tom, who are life partners as well as business partners, so they work together on everything. They keep in touch with all clients, no matter what stage their project has reached. Tom says:


If we are working in Spain, and you are in the UK, and your project isn’t due for completion for a few months, we’ll still be in contact, keeping you up to date on deliveries and other aspects of your project. We may just check with you that any building work is running on time, but we will be in touch, and if you are concerned about anything concerning your project, at any time, you can contact us.


Ten Ten Javea


No job is too big or too small, so if you just want to give a small holiday home an internal refresh, Ten Ten can do it. Their great strength is that not only are they good at what they do, they think outside the box, so whatever you want, they will make it happen. They may even surprise you by coming up with the perfect feature that never even crossed your mind, like a suspended interior staircase, or an embedded Koi pond in a conservatory, for example. These are recent projects which can be seen on the Ten Ten website.


Ten Ten can furnish your new property with a furniture and accessory package starting from just €10,000, with a co-ordinated look to suit your taste and your home. You can go for modern minimalist, traditional Mediterranean, or an eclectic, diverse look, bringing together accents from your travels, your beliefs, or your inspiration. And because Kim sources products from their large database of suppliers, she’s happy to pass some of those savings to clients, making the process less stressful and more cost effective for everyone involved.


All deliveries are accepted and checked at Ten Ten’s large storage facility before being shipped to your project. This again is a big help, because you don’t need to hang around waiting for deliveries then having to live with reduced space until the job starts. And if anything needs to be returned for any reason, Ten Ten will do that on your behalf, so everything is ready to complete your project. Kim says:


Ten Ten Javea



We offer a high-end service, and use high end materials and products, but that doesn’t mean your project has to cost the Earth. In fact, using Ten Ten can be very cost effective, because nothing is purchased until we’re sure it’s right, and we don’t start the project until everything is ready, so there will be no expensive, inconvenient delays.


This care and commitment is an integral part of the service at Ten Ten, whether you are a domestic or commercial client, whatever your budget or the size of your project. Not only will Kim and Tom ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget, they will  check that everything is installed and fitted correctly, your property is left in pristine condition, and all packaging is removed for disposal. You are not just getting a job done, you get a strong support network with it.


Recently, Ten Ten completed a project for Me and Mrs Jones, a hair & beauty salon in Javea. The team did a magical transformation, turning an empty shell into a unique oasis of beauty and tranquility where clients can relax as they wait for treatment. You can call on Kim and Tom for any project needing a physical facelift. Kim told us:


Ten Ten Javea


Ten Ten can take you from conception to completion, taking all the stress out of your project, however large or small it is. It’s our goal to elevate every building we work with from the ordinary to the extraordinary, while always keeping the client informed and staying on budget and on time.


Why not contact Kim on the details below to see how Ten Ten can work their magic on your home or business premises? There is nothing connected with design that they can’t achieve, with their flair, expertise and consideration for their clients. As Tom proudly says:


Ten Ten Javea


Our mission is to make a home for you and breathe life into your build, keeping you informed and involved all the way.


Contact Details:

Ten Ten Javea


Telephone: 644 72 57 92



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