The Government has approved a halt on the payment of mortgages for those people who have lost their jobs as a result of the forced closure of their companies during the state of alarm or who have seen their income reduced by the restrictive measures decreed to curb the Coronavirus.

The measure is part of the royal decree that the Council of Ministers has carried out on Tuesday to address the economic and social impact of the pandemic on families and workers. For this, the Government will mobilize 200,000 million, 20% of GDP.

Taxes and mortgages frozen

Experts believe that the measures are well on the way to protect the most vulnerable families from the economic impact that the pandemic will undoubtedly have. It also believes that it will help them mitigate the fall in their economic situation. In any case, the expert acknowledges, at the moment the depth of the measurement is not exactly known. We will have to wait for the Royal Decree to come out to know in detail who and under what circumstances will be able to benefit from it. 

These measures, as confirmed by government sources, have been proposed by Unidas Podemos, which since last week has been pressing the PSOE to adopt economic measures with the widest possible scope.

The Government will also guarantee “essential” public services such as energy, water and telecommunications supplies for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

In a press conference after the extraordinary Council of Ministers, Sánchez pointed out that in this way “essential supplies are guaranteed to the most vulnerable people.”

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