Take Control Back From Addiction With Triora

Triora’s vision is to help you or a loved one regain control from addiction and go on living a meaningful life. Addiction can be one of the hardest things to overcome alone in life, Triora knows this and that’s why they offer support along every step of the way.


Offering outstanding inpatient and outpatient care from the beautiful, peaceful surroundings of their private recovery clinics in Alicante and Malaga their high long-term recovery success rates speak for themselves.


But how do they achieve such success?


Their unique Holistic Triora Model looks to conquer addiction by treating the mind, body and soul. This model has helped countless people with addiction and with 97% of former patients recommending Triora it’s clear to see that their methods work.   

Patients throughout their treatment learn new behaviours that can help them identify risk factors for relapse. They gain a new insight into the nature of addiction while developing a greater sense of self-awareness and purpose.


As part of social reintegration, Triora’s aftercare program helps patients clear the first hurdle in their new lives. At Triora they aim to form a bond that often lasts long after the treatment has ended, seeing you not as just another patient but as a human being.  



The Triora program covers a wide range of addictions. Substance addiction to alcohol, cannabis or cocaine and lifestyle addictions such as video gaming and gambling can all be treated and have a specialist team ready.


Admitting there is a problem can often be the toughest test when it comes to addiction.  


If you’re worried for yourself or a loved one Triora are available to talk about support and possible treatments. They show the utmost respect for anyone taking the first steps to recovery and approach each patient with the care, compassion and commitment needed in such difficult times.


To get in touch with Triora you can visit their website at or call at +44 (0) 8000 88 50 19    



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