Syncrosfera: An unforgettable experience for your body and mind

In the pursuit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the integration of gastronomy, fitness, and sports plays a pivotal role. Syncrosfera, a pioneering establishment at the intersection of wellbeing and hotels, understands the significance of this harmonious combination. By seamlessly blending these elements, Syncrosfera offers its guests a truly immersive experience that enhances their stay, elevates their well-being, and ensures a memorable visit.

Now, from Spain Life Exclusive, let us introduce you to SyncroLab, the philosophy and method that enriches this unique space.

Where Science Meets Training and Rehabilitation

SyncroLab is the heart of Syncrosfera, a center dedicated to training and rehabilitation for individuals who prioritize their health and physical fitness, regardless of their current level or age. Their team of professionals is committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are a professional athlete aiming to enhance your performance and results.

Something very interesting is that the team of professionals of SyncroLab examines your movement patterns to understand how and why your body moves the way it does. Through this initial assessment, you gain a deeper understanding of your body and establish a connection with it.

They also offer you an individualized and specific training plan based on scientific evidence and years of experience working with elite athletes to empower you to learn how to train effectively, guiding you on your journey.

Additionally, SyncroLab Clinic, a specialized rehabilitation and physiotherapy center, features eight dedicated rooms equipped to provide a wide range of services:

  • Pressotherapy
  • Super inductive system (SIS)
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Tercartherapy Winback
  • Shockwave therapy

They prioritize injury prevention and the treatment of ailments to help you regain your daily activities and live pain-free. Of course, their team of experts is highly specialized and committed to providing the highest level of care.

At SyncroLab, they offer a range of new wellness services as well, designed to provide physical, mental, and emotional well-being including:

  • Classic Relaxing: Experience pure bliss with a massage that targets your whole body or specific areas, releasing endorphins and promoting deep relaxation.
  • Thai Oil: Transport yourself to Thailand with this invigorating massage that combines Thai techniques and essential oils.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Detoxify and improve circulation with a specialized massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, promoting overall well-being.
  • Syncro-Samunprai: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of this unique massage, combining pressure and herbal pindas to activate energy pathways, drain lymph and stimulate circulation.
  • Syncrosfera: Recharge your body with a deep and intense massage that relieves muscle tension and revitalizes the mind.

In addition to their massage services, do not hesitate to try their classic treatments to enhance your natural beauty, treatments to revitalize your body and facial treatments to reveal radiant skin.

To sum up, the fitness boutique and the physiotherapy center of Syncrosfera in addition to their carefully curated treatments are united in their dedication to enhancing your well-being, so you can live an unforgettable experience that nurtures your body and mind.

Contact details:

Avenida de la Marina Alta 2, 03750, Pedreguer

+34 865 628 706

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