Swim spas: Sport and quality of life

If you are an athlete or a sporty person and you are going to install a spa in your home, you have a much more complete option for you to practice swimming throughout the year. Discover the swim spas and enjoy without limits your own pool without worrying about the water temperature or the weather outside.


Swimming pools are a wonderful invention. We use them during summer to cool off, relax and have fun. But what happens the rest of the year? Since swim spas have reached Europe, swimming pool owners have a better alternative.


The swim spas are a fusion between wellness and fitness, as we can use them as a normal spa or as a small pool. These products are designed for relaxation, but also to practice counter-current swimming and other physical exercises, such as aquagym. In addition, thanks to the regulation of the water temperature you can use your pool/spa throughout the year, even in winter. And that’s a real luxury!


How can I get a swim spa?


These spas have a design that adapts to the tastes and spaces of each user. There are several models, such as portable or build into the wall. And there are even duo models with two different sections. Bet on well-being and quality of life and install a swim spa in your home!


How to get your swim spa

Despite the versatility and usefulness of swim spas, it is not a common product in stores. If you want to get yours, visit Whirlpools World Spain, a unique shop in the country. They are manufacturer of swim spas of high quality, such as Whirlcare spas, an excellent German brand. In this centre all the fans of the spas meet, since they are specialists in these products. Their experts will advise you about the most appropriate swim spa for you with individual guidance. In addition, they offer you a complete installation and set-up service.


What are swim spas?


In addition, in this fantastic Teulada store you can find a wide range of spas, spare parts, accessories and products for water maintenance. They also do electrical installations, deliveries, first commissioning, after sale services… Go to Whirlpools World Spain and get the spa of your dreams today! For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Whirlpools World Spain

Calle Cristaller, 38, Teulada (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 498 146


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