Striking Colours, Patterns and Shapes for the Winter at Óptica Ockio

Óptica Ockio continues to bring up the top eyewear brands from around the world. This is more than an eyewear shop. Óptica Ockio offers a professional and attentive service as well as top quality designer eyewear. You will find a unique, avant-garde and international selection of brands at their shop.
Optica Ockio shop in Javea

As summer turns to winter, we look for something bright and lively to preserve some of that summer sunshine with our eyewear. Anne et Valentin are a French brand that create glasses and sunglasses in a palette of fresh and bright colours and unique and playful shapes that are sure to dress up the eyes.


Anne et Valentin range at Optica Ockio


“We create nothing that doesn’t already exist within you. We make eyewear – it’s in our blood. A frame should not only flatter and complement, but express who you really are. Our purpose is to express the essence of every individual through their choice of eyewear. Each time you put on your frame, you present yourself to the world just as you are – Anne et Valentin.


Anne et Valentin opened their first shop in 1980 and, with all the verve and vigour of youth, they focused on stocking it with a unique range of frames that emphasised individual personalities and styles. Soon they grew tired with the sparse range of styles available at that time. As a result, they began sketching some of their own designs. Those designs came to fruition. Since then, the brand has won a name for itself, creating some of the most unique frames on the market.


If you are looking for frames with personality, look no further than Anne et Valentin. Their entire range epitomises originality, quality and attention to detail. Their have a wide range of round and octagonal shapes cater for all.



Whatever your taste, be it playful and delicate or clean-cut and clinical, you’re sure to find it in Anne et Valentin’s stellar collection. Anne et Valentin glasses are prefect for those who want a real show-stopping accessory. They are sold in the finest boutiques all over the world.



Their designs are of unparalleled quality and their bold use of colour is unmatched by any eyewear designer.  Anne et Valentin create designs that allow individuals to express their own style and personality through their eyewear.


For more on Óptica Ockio, check their Facebook page or contact them at their address in Avda. Rey Jaime I, 9. Puerto de Jávea, Jávea | phone no. + 966 46 21 71.

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