Spanish omelette: with or without onion? 

We have a couple of very important questions for those of you living in Spain. How do you like your Spanish omelette? With or without onion? And how do you like it done? A little runny in the centre or thoroughly cooked? 

These are the topics Spaniards feel very strongly about and can split a society in two even more than El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barça. 

So, what is your take? How do you like your Spanish omelette? 

As you know, the Spanish omelette is one of the signature dishes from Spanish cuisine. You can find it anywhere from the bars as a tapa or “pincho de tortilla” to the conceptual restaurants.

It is not rare to hear people commenting that the best Spanish omelette is the one made by their mums.
This always makes for a lively conversation about the ingredients what is the best way to cut the potato, the amount of oil, type of oil and of course if it is better with or without onion.

From Spain Life Exclusive we would like you to give it a go and try your version adding ingredients that you might like. We have seen them with pepper, chorizo and even mixed with green peas or with prawns too. The only ingredients you will need are good organic eggs, potatos the waxy type work better, and good extra virgin olive oil. Goes without saying that the better the ingredients you use, the better the flavour of your Spanish omelette.


So what’s next? Make a start by watching this video of a basic recipe on how to make a Spanish omelette.

Don’t be shy and leave your comment and let start this vital conversation. 



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