Spain Life Exclusive Recommends: Medcare Spain and Policlinica Glorieta for all your health and wellbeing requirements

Some of the most frequent questions we are asked here at Spain Life Exclusive are:


  • How can we get health checks if we are not residents, but spend a lot of time here in Spain?
  • What if I need a doctor and I can’t find an interpreter to go with me?
  • I feel too intimidated by all the paperwork to get this problem checked out by the doctor or the hospital. Is there another a way I can get my minor health problem sorted?

First of all, there is absolutely no need to feel intimidated or scared about dipping your toe into the Spanish Health Service.  It’s outstanding, and in many ways it could be ahead of your home country. For example, some of the cancer treatments available here are restricted by age in the UK.


None of this, though, is much help if you’re anxious for a solution to a health issue now, or if you need a medical for a mortgage or any other reason. The good news is, there are a number of clinics across the Costa Blanca where all your health requirements can be dealt with under one roof, in a language you are comfortable with, by some of the most experienced health professionals in Europe. And if doesn’t need to cost a fortune either.


We are happy to recommend two clinics to our readers: Medcare Spain in the Southern Costa Blanca, and Policlinica Glorieta in the North of the region. As with all Spain Life Exclusive endorsements, both clinics are known to our staff and their friends and families. Here’s a brief look at both of them.

Medcare Spain, Benijofar


Healthcare Costa Blanca


This company has been active in the Costa Blanca since 2005, with clinics at Alfaz del Pi and Benijofar, around ten miles inland from Torrevieja. Originally set up as an English speaking health service with British Expats in mind, Medcare serves Spanish residents, non-residents and private patients, working independently through their comprehensive membership scheme, or in tandem with the Spanish Health Service and health insurance companies.


Medcare covers GP services, dental and reconstructive surgery, non-surgical aesthetic treatments and ongoing clinical management for chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. They also offer a number of free assessments, to new clients and Medcare members.


Complementary therapies also form part of the Medcare service. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, lymphatic drainage and osteopathy are available, among other treatments. They also offer a full investigative testing spectrum for all medical conditions.


There are obvious advantages to a ‘One Stop Medical Shop’ like Medcare. You will see the same people each time, so they will get to know all your medical history, and you will quickly build up a trusting relationship with your care provider. And of course, there’s no travelling to hospital, trying to find parking spaces at busy, town centre clinics, and best of all – no lengthy waits. Why not contact Medcare Spain to see how they can help you live a healthier life?


Medcare Benijofar clinic

Calle del Sol No 2, Benijofar, 03178, Alicante, Spain

Phone:  966 860 258


Policlinic Glorieta, Denia:


Healthcare Costa Blanca


This newly built clinic in Denia is truly international, dealing with at least six nationalities, whether you are resident or on holiday. The clinic covers all aspects of medical care, and has ambulances available if necessary. This is an advantage, as the ambulance system in Spain is mainly administered through the private sector, and it can be confusing for patients from the UK who are used to a comprehensive, health service-run ambulance service.


Policlinica Glorieta has a podology clinic, which is aimed at treating people with damaged feet. This is a bonus for diabetic patients, who need to be careful with foot care. It should be noted that this is different to chiropody, which is mainly a cosmetic treatment. Podologists can prescribe medication and manage pain relief, as well as having knowledge of appropriate dressings. Waiting lists for this service at the clinic will be shorter than through the health service, which will help with acute conditions.


This clinic is an international private medical centre, covering all aspects of medical and surgical care. In times of illness, we are all vulnerable, as patients and as supporting family members or friends, so it’s good to have such a comprehensive service available, where all your medical needs can be met speedily in your own language. Make sure the contact details for Policlinica Glorieta are saved in your phone for when you need them.


Policlinica Glorieta, Denia

Partida Madrigueres Sud 9, 03700 Dénia

Phone: 966 435 437


Private health clinics are ideal for non-Spanish speaking patients,  or those who are not confident with using technical terms in another language. You can have all your care needs met under one roof, without having to spend time travelling and waiting. These are just two of the excellent clinics available on the Costa Blanca, and Spain Life Exclusive is happy to recommend them for your comfort.


Healthcare Costa Blanca

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