Sileno Gastrobar, Javea Port: Just a few weeks after opening, Prawn Salmagundi is a rising star on the menu

As Spain was truly opening up again from Covid-19 restrictions, Sileno Gastrobar opened its doors for the first time in Javea Port, and now, just a few weeks later, it’s already getting rave reviews. Spain Life Exclusive caught up with co-owner Aidar to find out how things were going, and what was proving popular on the menu. He told us:


Our opening week went really well – the second weekend we were open, we were full on Sunday, which was more than we expected at that stage. We are getting a lot of returning guests, and also recommendations, so we couldn’t be happier.


Sileno Gastrobar
From Sileno: Oxtail Empanadilla with Creamy Celery Truffle


Sileno is situated in a prime location, and a great deal of care was taken with the interior design, as you can see here, but any restaurant is only as good as the last meals it served. While curiosity will bring people through the doors, only the highest standards of service will bring them back and encourage them to recommend friends to pay a visit. At Sileno, every detail is taken care of, in the décor, the table dressing, the food and the wine, and one dish is already emerging as a rising star. Step forward to take your bow, Prawn Salmagundi!


Prawn Salmagundi? What’s that?


Sileno Gastrobar
From Sileno: Javea Bay Red Prawn Salmagundi


Salmagundi is something that was first heard about way back in the 17th and 18th centuries. Often called ‘Pirate Stew’ in those days, it’s a combination of cooked meats, seafood and vegetables, and the original idea was to make a tasty meal from whatever was available. It’s a conceptual way of eating, rather than a specific recipe, and it’s ideally suited as an item on Sileno’s menu, since it tastes best made with the freshest ingredients, which means locally sourced, and in season. The stunning red prawns come from Javea Bay, while the other ingredients are locally grown in the Marina Alta. We are not going to spoil the surprise by telling you what goes into Sileno’s special Prawn Salmagundi – we want you to come along and try it for yourselves!


Prepared with passion, by an experienced chef, Prawn Salmagundi is refreshing on the palate, particularly in hot countries like Spain. What could be better than gazing out over the Mediterranean Sea, in the luxurious surroundings of Sileno, being served Prawn Salmagundi, paired with an excellent wine, by one of the attentive waiters?


Sileno Gastrobar
From Sileno: Javea Bay Fried Octopus with Potatoes Parmentier and Smoked Pepper


Aidar’s business philosophy is to offer affordable luxury to everyone, and Prawn Salmagundi is just one component of the sensory experience that is a visit to Sileno Gastrobar. There is, of course, a full menu to choose from, if  Prawn Salmagundi doesn’t appeal to your taste buds. Check out Sileno’s Facebook Page, where they regularly showcase individual dishes. Whatever you choose to eat, you can be sure of great gastronomy, paired with excellent wines, served with attention to detail in beautiful surroundings.


Contact details:


Sileno Gastrobar
From Sileno: Sun Dried Tomato Salad with Burrata and Croutons



Av. Lepanto, No. 6 in Port of Javea.

Javea 03730

Telephone: 865 685 875.




Opening Hours:


Closed all day on Tuesdays, and Wednesday lunchtimes

Every other day, open 13.30 – Midnight

Kitchen service: 13.30 – 15.30/ 19.30 – 22.30


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