See our top picks for your Winter fashion sales

January is one of the best months for discounts on your fashion items in  Spain and although it’s not the only month when you can grab a bargain, when it comes to fashion shopping it’s most definitely worthwhile.


But let us just ask you this first …Q.. are you one of those who take advantage of the sales to buy clothes that will be used for a long time or one of those that usually buy clothes that remain at the bottom of the wardrobe forever?


So that the latter doesn’t happen to you the best way is to avoid following blindly all fashion trends and to go for basic, versatile, and combination clothing.


Also, our advice for this season’s sales is to invest in winter coats and jackets, why? It is a fact that this season is colder than many other years and winter has just begun and you will save a lot of money by not getting these clothes at the beginning of the season.


We have taken a look at Zara and in terms of coats and jackets, there are several very interesting options. We have looked at everything on their online store which may be the best option for you given the current situation.


Here is our selection of coats for the rest of the season and also some jackets for the coming spring as well.



The temperatures are getting cooler so these shearling sheepskin coats are a must this season.



Faux shearling coat                                            Oversize coat with wool



.        .   

Sheepskin cropped coat                            Sheepskin long coat                                    Bomber sheepskin coat


As we mentioned above the January sales are also associated with the season that’s about to end to make room for the new season’s items.


As spring is usually warm in Spain, those options below are ideal.


Double zipper jacket



The first is a fine wool coat for cool spring days…. The second option we simply love for how versatile it is.


Denim                                                                      White

These two jackets have it all, combinable, denim, and light colors for the new season.



All the items shown above can be purchased directly from the site by clicking on the description below each photo.




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