Salmaia: bringing your ideas to life

Salmaia specialise in art, design and events; offering a range of services. They work side by side with professionals in design, art, decoration and culture to provide the best results.


Based in Alicante, they are open during the summer Monday-Saturday. You can take a look at their work or contact that about your ideas on their website:




At Salmaia, no matter what the occasion, they can make it happen. Whatever you have pictured in your head, they want to make a reality. From an afternoon of concerts, to a wedding or a simple anniversary on the beach. They take care of the details so that you get the unique experience that you were dreaming of.



They believe that the design and decoration of an event is what makes it so special. While they take control of everything, all you have to do is enjoy your special day. They work with a range of different properties and spaces dedicated to the events so you can find one that best suits you and your needs.


Formed in the management of cultural events, Salmaia also works with public bodies in the management of major events and festivals. (Photos: Nit de l’Art i Els Colors)




Salmaia also has a team of art curators for the exhibition. That’s why their space also becomes an artistic laboratory where many artists show their work, so you can see their proposals and talk to them. These are temporary exhibitions, in which Salmaia is committed to supporting young, talented contemporary artists, both from Spain and abroad.





You can also find out what unique and creative products Salmaia has in store, with a variety of; clothing, jewellery, decoration and more, with a range of designers who work alongside Espai Salmaia.



So if you have a project or event coming up, why not get in contact with the team at Salmaia to bring your ideas to life. Talk to the passionate team to create a result as special as you want it to be.

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