Revamp Your Home with IDHOUSE’s Wallpaper and Murals

A brilliant way to bring life to any room in your home, wallpaper murals are bursting out onto the scene in various styles, designs and colours. 

Wallpaper can give instant glamour and warmth to any part of our home or office, and while previous years have seen a timid use of wallpaper, there is a clear trend towards increased use thirst year. More wallpapered walls are appearing in homes and are spreading in recent times at an accelerated rate due to increased options in colours and styles. 

Thankfully, Interior design studio IDHOUSE in Marbella has a varied range in stock of gorgeous wallpaper murals whether you’re looking for something more low-key, more in your face, or simply to compliment the tones of the furniture. 

For this year, the IDHOUSE team recommends giving free rein to creativity and imagination and giving a dramatic twist to the decoration of our spaces. Wallpaper is a decorative element that has been used for many years. Just as new trends are being observed in fashion, the same is true for wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper murals are a huge conversation starter. From florals to bold colours, let’s take a look at the stunning options IDHOUSE currently have available to order: 


Floral Wallpaper

Floral prints have been flourishing everywhere and will continue well into 2022. From large-scale florals, old-school inspired vintage still lifes and botanicals are becoming increasingly popular and can be used in a variety of interior styles, from classic to contemporary.

We’re loving this non-traditional, boldly coloured floral print from IDHOUSE’s collection. A wallpaper with organic lines adds a soft touch to a room, while a bold geometric design adds energy to a space, making it fun. 



This type of design brings order to our homes with simple and clean patterns. To achieve a good impact, it is recommended to apply them in small spaces such as hallways and bathrooms. It can be used to create sophistication in areas such as bedrooms, or for an interesting touch, it can be applied to ceilings. There is no doubt that this type of pattern offers great versatility and elegance.

Digital Art 

Advances in digital printing have made it possible to create life-size art of 19th-century pastoral scenes. More artists are realising that they can bring their large-scale works to wallpaper, and it is one of the ways of bringing old-world art into modern life.

IDHOUSE has taken advantage of these increases in development and as this type is the perfect way to bring a home to life, with advances in digital printing, there are many options available to reproduce a work of art for your walls.

Natural Landscapes

This trend tends to blur the line between outdoors and indoors. Wallcoverings continue to bring the outdoors in, and regardless of your location, you can live with plants all year round.

Alongside this trend, decorating experts also anticipate the trend for wallpapers that imitate natural materials and textures. For example, wallpaper that simulates wood panelling, a rough stone wall or smooth marble. 


We love how this next example gives a feeling of texture to the wall. 


There is no need to cover a whole room with wallpaper. An elegant idea is just choosing one accent wall is enough for a great decoration. In a bedroom the wall behind the bed is perfect.


There are interesting natural-looking motifs that add a strong pop of colour, such as the following: 

Why not step into the IDHOUSE showroom for yourself and discuss which type of wallpaper could make a fabulous addition to your home? 

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See for our online shop or to see all their latest exclusive ranges in the showroom. 


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