Restaurante Casa Vital is open now to make us enjoy with their delicious food and fabulous own wines

Restaurante Casa Vital in Altea is now open and welcoming you all to their amazing facilities to enjoy the delicious food and the outstanding wines we are used to.


For those who don’t know it, Restaurante Casa Vital is a charming and friendly restaurant located in the old town of Altea. Their cozy and big terrace has amazing views over the Mediterranean ocean and Calpe, enjoying your dinner here truly feels like living the Spanish dream.


Its cuisine is a combination of Norwegian and Spanish, such as Norwegian cod and salmon, tasty tapas to share, and their popular and delicious Beef Tenderloin. All these dishes can match perfectly with one of their fantastic wines.


Their traditional wines are: from Castilla; Vino Casa Vital Blanco, Vino Casa Vital Rosado, Vino Casa Vital Tinto Roble , Vino Casa Vital Tinto Barrica, Vino Casa Vital Golden Oro, Amor Brut Nature – from Rioja; Casa Vital Age and Casa Vital Millenium. For more information visit the Vino Casa Vital webpage >>


Casa Vital has from the beginning held wine tastings so that its customers could sample the wide variety of Spanish wines. With such a passion for wine, it is no wonder that they started thinking about making their own wines, and in 2011 they turned it into a reality by launching their first wines. Even their first Rioja wine won a gold medal in the International Wine Guide 2015.



Their tribute to the Mediterranean sea


In 2016 they launched the Azul Mediterráneo which is a Chardonnay colored blue by adding colors of the grape to it.


Azul Mediterráneo is dedicated and made as a tribute to the blue Mediterranean sea for its beautiful blue color. It’s a revolutionary idea and brings passion to your life and your party. Azul Mediterráneo is made from chardonnay, Moscatel, and verdejo grapes, and it is blue thanks to a natural pigment called anthocyanin.



This pigment is extracted from the skin of blue grapes and is mixed with the broth to get the color that characterizes AZUL MEDITERRÁNEO.



Spain and the Mediterranean sea are for many the perfect combination. Great food, great wine, great weather, great beaches. The Spanish way of life is living the good life, and it is a healthy lifestyle.


Now they are bringing these Spanish vibes to you, through Azul Mediterráneo wine and their outstanding cuisine.



Service times in Easter:

1 pm – 6 pm

Mondays closed

Contact details:


Calle Salamanca, 11, Altea (Alicante)

Telephone: 965 84 09 36

Mobile: 617 64 08 59



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