Restaurante BonAmb, Javea, re-opens its doors to offer the very best gastronomy in the Marina Alta

Restaurante BonAmb in Jávea, overseen by chef Alberto Ferruz, reopens on Friday, June 12, following three months of closure due to the Covid-19 health crisis. BonAmb, a contraction of the Spanish bon ambiente, meaning good environment, has 2 Michelin Stars and 3 Repsol Suns. Ferruz told Spain Life Exclusive:

For those of us who love gastronomy, it has been a hard time. Now we can reopen, we gladly accept the challenge to offer our diners an authentic BonAmb experience, in our natural environment, with maximum safety and comfort for our team and our diners.


BonAmb has set up a detailed protocol for the prevention of any risks to health. To guarantee the safety of diners, the restaurant has been preparing for several weeks to ensure the opening is a good experience for everyone. Ferruz explained:




We have been developing our own safety roadmap for weeks. We will follow a strict procedure to avoid risks and continually evaluate the security situation. We have adjusted our seating capacity. The entire BonAmb team has passed periodic hygiene and sanitation tests.


The priority at this new stage of the restaurant’s development is for diners to enjoy their gastronomic experience with maximum safety. BonAmb’s public space of more than 300 m2 has been newly distributed , offering diners security and solitude. In the dining rooms, on the terrace, and in the parking area, there is more than the minimum safety distance for all guests. Chief of the Salon Pablo Català told us:

Of course, we have not forgotten that our first objective is to create a very pleasant stay for our clients. Diners can be confident that our whole team, as always, will do our best to satisfy them. In addition, to create a more pleasant atmosphere, our rooms now feature new paintings by some great artists.

With great enthusiasm and a desire to get back to work, BonAmb re-opens its doors. It’s a different social stage, but the staff have adapted to it perfectly. At this time, the pleasant climate of Jávea and the Marina Alta begins to provide relaxed summer moments diners can enjoy hand in hand with our gastronomy professionals.


BonAmb already has reservations for this opening weekend, and the restaurant will now open continuously until the end of the season in December.





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