Reinventing mosaics: Isabelle Scheltjens at Blizz Art Gallery

Since antiquity, mosaics have captivated the world with their dazzling colors and distinctive aesthetics. Commonly made from meticulously arranged glass tiles, mosaics have been an incredibly eye-catching medium for art and decoration. However, what happens when a visionary artist decides to take this ancient art form to new dimensions? It is precisely at Blizz Art Gallery where Isabelle Scheltjens, an artist who arrived on the art scene to redefine expectations, presents an exciting reinvention of mosaic portraits.



The practice of creating mosaics is believed to have originated around the 3rd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia, where artisans adorned temple walls with intricate patterns made from ivory, shells, and stones.

From this early origin, mosaic art spread across the ancient world, flourishing during the time of the Roman and Byzantine empires. In ancient Rome, mosaics adorned the floors and walls of grand buildings, capturing scenes from mythology, daily life, and historical events. The Byzantines, on the other hand, elevated mosaics to a form of divine expression, adorning their religious buildings with ornate depictions of saints, biblical stories, and religious icons.

As the centuries passed, mosaics continued to evolve and adapt, leaving their mark on various cultures and civilizations. With the onset of the Renaissance, the popularity of mosaic art declined, as artists turned their focus to other forms of expression. However, the spirit of mosaic art was kept alive by modernist artists, such as Antoni Gaudí, who embraced the medium to create vibrant and dynamic artworks, breathing new life into this ancient form.


Now, artist Isabelle Scheltjens takes mosaic art to new heights at Blizz Art Gallery. Her innovative approach, characterized by a neo-pointillistic juxtaposition of shapes and colors combined with layered glass shards, redefines the boundaries of traditional mosaics.

From a distance, her portraits exude a sense of mystique, as details blur into each other, creating an ethereal effect that challenges traditional mosaic techniques. Yet, up close, Isabelle’s art reveals an astonishing level of precision and intricacy. Each tiny glass shard is placed with utmost care, contributing to the overall composition in a breathtaking mosaic of colors and forms. Her innovative use of this neo-pointillistic technique adds depth and texture to her artworks, giving them a three-dimensional quality that captivates the viewer from every angle.

Isabelle’s portraits are not only a visual feast but also an emotional journey. By creating pieces that morph and transform before our eyes, she invites us to explore the many facets of her subjects’ personalities and emotions. This unique interplay of light and shadow, created by the layered glass shards, adds an additional layer of complexity to her pieces, captivating the imagination and sparking a deeper connection with the artwork.

Blizz Art Gallery serves as the perfect stage for Isabelle’s neo-pointillistic masterpieces. The gallery’s contemporary ambiance and clean lines provide an ideal backdrop for her innovative creations, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the artistic experience. As they move around the gallery, the artworks reveal new facets, offering a dynamic and ever-changing encounter with the art.

Isabelle Scheltjens’ creations breath new life into the ancient art of mosaics, reinvigorating its relevance for the modern era. Her trailblazing approach has earned her the title of “The Queen of Dots,” as she continues to push the boundaries of mosaic portraiture with her artistic inventiveness and bold vision.


Isabelle has won over critics, gained global respect, and left her mark in major galleries worldwide. Now, with Blizz Art Gallery in Puerto Banus, Isabelle Scheltjens takes a further step in her artistic vision, sharing her work with the world and providing visitors with an artistic experience like no other.

Blizz Art, an exclusive gallery in Puerto Banus, stands as a testament to the power of art to transcend time and redefine perceptions. It is a place where mosaics come to life in new ways and where the boundaries of art are challenged. For those seeking a unique and inspiring artistic experience, Blizz Art Gallery and Isabelle Scheltjens’ work are an essential stop. In this magical corner of the Costa del Sol, the artist invites everyone to immerse themselves in her world of creativity and invention, where mosaics are reinvented and come to life in an explosion of color and emotion.

Contact details:

Address: Calle Ribera, Casa N, Local 18, planta baja

29660 Puerto Banús, Marbella



Phone: +34 951 74 30 06

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 22:00 | Sun: 14:00 – 22:00

Closed on public holidays

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