Recover your skin with the treatments to Pure Oxygen base at Maisolence

After Christmas, your skin may have suffered from the excesses. From breakouts to puffiness – the first signs of a few weeks of excess (chocolate, wine, late nights, and a lax exercise regime) show up on your skin. Fortunately, the effects of overindulgence can be easily remedied.


Here, Maisolence reveals how to get your glow back…


The OXYGENESIS METHOD made in MAISOLENCE – ATELIER DE BEAUTÉ provides our cells with the necessary oxygen to recover their functions, generate proteins and strengthen the immune system by working from the inside, to guarantee a continuous and lasting result.


It is a safe, unique, and natural method of oxygen treatment from the highest purity, gaining you incredible benefits at this time.


This year our skin suffered more than ever due to the use of facial masks, irritations, excessive sweating, bacterial accumulation, etc.

Therefore, we must recover it properly and prepare it for the winter.






In facial treatments, the combination with oxygen can regenerate and stimulate damaged cells, smooth wrinkles, and expression lines, accelerate cell renewal, lighten spots and scars, and help control acne and seborrheic secretion in oily skin.


Their Oxygen Cell Activation treatment causes effective hydration by acting as a balancer of the skin’s ph. It also minimizes wrinkles and expression lines help to treat acne and

stimulates the microcirculation making the skin look healthier, more natural, luminous, and radiant.






In body treatments, the combination with oxygen increases cell regeneration strengthens tissues, and improves circulation. In the case of cellulitis, it helps you burn fat.


Pure Body Oxygen is a procedure for the treatment of different areas of the body where PURE OXYGEN is applied under high pressure by means of an airbrush in order to activate and help the cell regeneration in a completely natural way, providing the skin with immediate luminosity and hydration.


This treatment is combined with a circulatory massage that promotes and activates blood circulation, thus achieving the elimination of liquids and toxins.






In hair treatments, the combination with oxygen increases blood circulation and nutrients distribution to stop hair fall and act against dandruff and other scalp problems.


The hair treatment Oxygenenesis helps restore and improve hair condition overall.


This treatment is carried out at Maisolence and aims to improve the general hair condition by nourishing it, promoting growth, and making overall the scalp healthy.



Our hands are always busy: there’s no other part of our body we use more. All this hard work puts the skin on our hands under pressure, plus it is rarely covered and so is directly exposed to harmful external irritants such as cold, heat, frequent hand washing, pollution, and dirt.

In addition to this, the use of gloves, hydroalcoholic lotions, and more frequent hand washing are making them even worse.


Handwashing with soap removes germs but also goes removing the natural oils from our skin, leading to more dry skin. This can cause dryness leading to small cracks, eczemas, or wounds.

Vital hand glow is an anti-aging treatment for hands that uses high-pressure oxygen to help premature aging and improve the appearance of blemishes by giving the skin luminosity and immediate hydration.


You can live now the Maisolence experience in Atelier de Beauté, visit them, and feel the difference!


Maisolence’s expert skin care consultants are available to answer your questions and recommend the right products for your needs.


Ask freely about any of their treatments at telephone 965 799 448 or through the chat in their online shop at

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