Rachelle Houben of Happy Art and Design: Exclusive, original art, inspired by the Universe

Rachelle Houben is a member of the Dumas Design family business, based in Benissa. She is a successful artist and designer who likes to work with big, bold colours to create unique pieces of art, ranging from paintings to sculptures to collage assemblies. She has her own company, Happy Art and Design, based in Maastricht, Holland, and you can buy her creations online from her website, or through Dumas Design. If you want to see examples of her vibrant work in the flesh as it were, head to the Dumas showroom, and be prepared to be amazed!


This prolific artist’s inspiration comes from what is around her and within her. She loves working with colour, and exploring every aspect of life, whether in reality, in dreams, or in her fertile imagination. Her motivation is simple – she wants to make people happy with her work, and this informs everything she does. She told Spain Life Exclusive:



Happy Art and Design


I combine visual elements that happen to catch my eye at the time with fabrications of my admittedly vivid imagination. My work is illustrative of life, but it could equally have been plucked from someone’s dream.


Rachelle is bubbly, quirky and full of life, and so are her creations. She has an eye for the bizarre and the realistic, and combines the two with equal success, which can be clearly seen in her life-size animal statues.


If you thought of Red Bull as just an energy drink, you may never think of it in the same way once you’ve seen a life-size, life-like, finely detailed iconic Spanish bull in acrylic red. It also comes in nine other colours, cleverly mixing reality and fantasy. And if you like your symbols of Spanish culture in pairs, there’s also a life-size Iberico pig, in gold or silver leaf and four other colours.


Happy Art and Design

Recently, Rachelle has been creating colourful collages which again a mix of the real and the surreal, with a bit of dream sequence thrown in. Each element is added individually, and you can choose the background colour and the size of your collage, so your creation will be unique to you.


On the website, there’s a facility to search each creation and see the incredible amount of detail included. These collages are literally full of life, and look as if they are going to leap out of the screen at any moment, there is so much energy in them.


Rachelle describes her collages as:


Revolutionary 21st century art. Both children and adults are drawn to the extremely colorful, dreamy, surreal scenes that abound in my work. I thank the Universe for its creativity, which inspires me, and I am so grateful to be able to share it with others.


Inspiring words indeed, from an inspirational modern artist with a refreshing take on the world around her, and an eye for a fun piece of art. To learn more about Rachelle Houben’s art, or to order or commission your own Happy Art and Design original, complete the contact form on the website. Spain Life Exclusive look forward to seeing more from this dynamic artist, and we wish her well with her future creations.


Happy Art and Design

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