Proakustik: A story of passion, professionality and care.

Nicole and Christian from Proakustik tell us their story on how a cycling holiday in Denia 5 years ago made them start a new life in Spain.

Who was going to know that coming to Denia was going to change their lives so much? This active couple and cat lovers from Lübeck, Germany, came to Spain to have a cycling holiday. They fell in love with la Marina Alta, the sea so close to the Montgo mountain and the weather. 


As the strings of destiny kept moving, they paid a visit to an old friend, the owner of a hearing studio in Denia called Proakustik hearing institute. He confessed that after 15 years of trading, he was ready to retire and offered them the chance to take over the business.

This caught them a little by surprise and initially, they declined the offer. Back in Germany upon second thoughts, they changed their mind as they always wanted their own business. 

They finally agreed to take over the business and since then, Proakustik Hearing Aid Shop has bloomed to become even more popular than before both with the ex-pat community and the locals. Everybody is welcome at Proakustik, no matter where they come from.


We met Nicole and Christian to discover what is the secret of their success. 


Meet the team 

Nicole Paulini is an expert in all areas after completing her education as a hearing aid acoustician. She achieved her masters degree in this trade in 1999. She has more than 25 years of job experience.


At Proakustik, she is responsible for the hearing: Tests (Audiometry), hearing, aid adaptation and adjustment, ear impressions and moulds. 

She has seen first hand the evolution from analogue to digital – back in the days they used a screwdriver to adjust the devices. A tremendous jump forward as digital hearing technology is a lot more sophisticated and opens a vast new world of hearing options. 


Christian Cleemann completed his education in electronics and achieved in 2004 the title “state-certified-engineer in process-automatisation and energy technology”.


At Proakustik he is responsible for the initial phone consultation, repairs and cleaning of devices, sale of accessories, installation of accessories at customer-site (e.g. TV Sets), individual moulds and accounting. 

This small but perfectly formed team knows the importance of building trust with their clients. That’s why their friendly and polite approach proves to be so popular. They patiently educate their clients and listen to how their hearing loss affects their lives and make them feel relaxed from the moment they step in. For them, the client must have a positive experience because they rely on word of mouth.

Aware of the importance of marketing themselves so they can be seen regularly in the local newspapers, as well as using the power of online communication to advertise their business. 


They are also committed to the community they live in, that’s why they are one of the proud sponsors of Denia Classic, a series of Classical music events that run from January to March at Teatre Auditori del Centre Social in Denia. 

Proakustik Nicole Paulini

Going through the Proakustik process 

So you know what to expect when meeting Nicole and Christian, they walk us through their consultation process from the moment the client gets tested to the service they receive after the sale. 

Hearing Test 

First, their clients come to have a hearing- test the hearing test is the base for a hearing-aid adaptation. By the tone audiometry, they detect the frequencies which are affected. Then by doing a speech test, they determine the understanding percentage of their client.


Then after the hearing-test, a consultation follows. After gathering the information from the test, they determine which types of devices are suitable. This decision is based on anatomic circumstance, clinic history or chronic ear illnesses. They also hear attentively to the client’s cosmetic requests, as in colour, form or if they require something invisible. At this point, they ask if they want the hearing-aids to be connected to smartphones, tablets or to receive calls or music.

With all this information plus the budget of the client, they can start recommending devices that might be suitable.



Then follows the adoption of the hearing-aids as they have a wide range of settings that are programmed by a computer.

They check each case individually but generally speaking, they begin with a soft setting first to let the user get used to the device.


Testing at home

The devices are set in a soft setting to be comfortable first. With the client’s feedback, they make improvements. These tweaks and adjustments might need repeating a couple of times.

Throughout the test, the client can try out different devices until the Proakustik’s expert determines the device that is best suited for the customer. 

What happens if they don’t find the right device? The client can stop the test at any time free of charge.


The service continues after-sale 

During the lifespan of the devices, they may be subject to adjustment to a louder setting or to turn them down a bit.

Adjustments of the settings are always free of charge and their customers can consult with them as often as they need to. 

Proakustik recommends adjustments of the settings every three months, minimum once a year. During these appointments they test the devices, clean them and, if necessary, change expendable parts.



Remember that, depending on the lifestyle, the devices can vary on price. At Proakustik they know all the specialists and they work with hearing-aids from all leading manufacturers.

Obviously, the more expensive ones are better devices but with the help of a hearing specialist, they might find out that due to your lifestyle, middle or even lower range devices will work just as fine. 

But of course, the higher the hearing loss, the more likely that the client will need something tailor-made just for them. That’s why it is crucial to get specialised impartial advice before buying.


Proakustik hearing aid shop in DeniaProakustik Denia

Avenida Joan Fuster, 28C, Denia (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 782 548



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