Prepare your body for the summer with the latest body treatments at DS ICONIC BEAUTY

Now that summer is almost here and you’ll be showing more skin, it’s time to ramp up the antiaging and slimming body treatments.


At Spain Life, we want you to have radiant, beautiful skin, a toned body, and to look your best in general. For this reason, we are going to present you with this article that explains all the novelties of one of the top beauty centres in Costa Blanca namely DS ICONIC BEAUTY. They have treatments to show off a moisturized even and glowing skin to innovative procedures that tone your body and activate your muscle mass in sessions of just 30 minutes.


Want to learn more?  Then read on.


We have already introduced you in previous articles to the DS ICONIC BEAUTY clinic as one of the top clinics in the region as the numerous procedures they perform plus the professionalism and the cutting-edge devices with which they carry them out make this clinic one of the best of its kind.


Among the numerous slimming and anti-ageing body treatments that are carried out in their clinic, we are going to talk to you today about some of the most innovative, efficient and quickest treatments that can prepare you in the short term as summer is just around the corner.




Wonder; The strongest non-surgical body lift aesthetic equipment.




DS ICONIC BEAUTY has this revolutionary Electromagnetic muscle stimulation called Wonder. This device with high-intensity selective Neurostimulation, works simultaneously on the main muscles of the body, helping to achieve a toned appearance in comfortable sessions of just 30 minutes. Sounds good, right? But that’s not all.


Thanks to high-intensity electromagnetic energy and selective Neurostimulation, it also makes muscles tone, grow and develop rapidly causing 36,000 muscle contractions in just one session, activating muscles beyond any type of physiological norm and aiming for the loss of fat in the area around the muscle.


Any area of our body treated with Wonder (abs, buttocks, legs…) consists of fast but exciting sessions of just 30 minutes where our muscles will contract intensely and deeply. The feeling is unique and extremely pleasant. It is effective in 100% of cases, even in people with a Body Mass Index greater than 30 and regardless of how deep the muscle is.



LPG endormologie



At DS ICONIC BEAUTY they are always on the lookout for the most innovative procedures to offer you younger, healthier and more radiant skin, and they achieve this thanks to treatments that are effective such as LPG endormologie.


Believe it or not, one of the simplest ways to accomplish tighter and younger skin is to get endermologie lipo massage done. Don’t worry, this is one of the best ways to attack cellulite and it is not invasive or painful, and many people have claimed it to have amazing effects!


LPG endermologie is the company behind lipo massage. Endermologie lipo massage is a treatment that is non-invasive and attacks the cellulite on your body. The treatment consists of about 20 sessions and results are said to have been seen after about 6 treatments. The sessions themselves last about 45 minutes and you can get the treatment done twice a week.



The treatment involves basically getting a massage. The hand-held massage roller is used by rolling the head over the desired areas. While kneading the skin, the massage roller sucks up the skin along with soft tissue. The manipulation of the skin is not only a way to treat cellulite, but also a way to increase blood flow pull excess water from the body and increase circulation. The fat along with the toxins are also carried away with the water leaving the body.



At Spain Life, we highly recommend this lipo massage by endermologie because it does work! The massage is how all the magic happens. The rollers of the hand-held machine will massage your trouble spots and help bring circulation to flush out fat cells. Through the massage, you should have success!



Omeoenergetic treatment




This treatment is really innovative because of the effects it has and above all because of the way it makes you feel in each session.


It aims to awaken the parts of the body that suffer from blockages in order to activate the flow of vital energy and reactivate the rejuvenation process. It consists of a combination of two treatments; Rejuvenating Body Sculpture Method, a treatment aimed at eliminating fat, combined with Reset Body, a method to reactivate the body’s energetic flow.


Omeoenergetic is cutting-edge technology and innovative manual techniques that stimulating the key points through which vital energy flows and the natural energy charges are harmoniously redistributed. Only in this way is it possible to radically resolve frequent problems such as cellulite and localised fat, heavy legs and hypotonia of the tissues, ageing of the face and body and to guarantee the vitality and energy of youth.






Finally, we are going to talk about one of the star treatments par excellence as far as rejuvenation is concerned, and we are talking about Mesotherapy. It is a beauty treatment widely popular amongst women worldwide, mesotherapy deeply hydrates the skin and induces glowy, radiant skin.


Based on high concentrates of antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, these powerful blends of active ingredients promote an intense regeneration of collagen and act as a booster of overall health to the skin. With multiple sessions, the complexion abandons its dull appearance to regain youth, vitality and radiance.


At DS ICONIC BEAUTY they have their unique concept of personalized mesotherapy as a part of a unique 3-level skin care system. Their mesotherapy is based on the exact protocol created by their own doctors.


Each session is provided by their professionals in the area of ​​corrective dermatology with the ability to provide to the DS ICONIC BEAUTY clients real solutions to problems associated with skin ageing, pigmentation and colour inequalities, dehydration and unclean skin with acne problems.


Each mesotherapy is personalized on the needs of each patient in the form that  DS ICONIC BEAUTY mesotherapy is fully adapted to the needs of your skin and guarantees rapid onset of action. After skin diagnosis and consultation with the doctor, they will prepare mesotherapy for you within a few minutes directly to the problems and needs of your skin.


These are just some of the body treatments that you can start preparing your skin for the summer, but DS ICONIC BEAUTY clinic has many more, always personalised for each client. If you are interested in any of these or want to know more, call today and ask for an appointment without obligation so that they can advise you on the one that best suits your needs.






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