Physioplus Albir Presents: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)

The therapists at Physioplus Albir seem to have magic literally at their fingertips, according to reviews on their Facebook Page, but sometimes Nature needs a helping hand, and this is where Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) can help. IASTM is a relatively modern treatment where therapists use special tools to assist in massage and manipulation. These tools are usually made of surgical grade stainless steel, jade or plastic, among other materials.


They are contoured to glide over the body during treatment, with the help of special creams and lotions to moisturise the skin and facilitate smooth flow of the implements. The right tools can add to the efficiency of a physical therapy session, for both the patient and the practitioner.





IASTM can be particularly useful in certain conditions, where normal physiotherapy is not producing the desired outcome. It’s particularly beneficial where there are soft tissue restrictions, perhaps after surgery, where there is a build-up of scar tissue. The controlled movement of the instruments over the skin stimulates an inflammatory response, which helps the body to break down and reabsorb unhealthy tissue.


Scar tissue can also build up through overuse or underuse. Athletes may have problems, as well as people with injuries or compromised mobility. IASTM also stimulates regrowth of healthy tissue, restoring normal function and reducing pain. It’s another form of drug free pain relief which is often used in combination with other therapies.



IASTM at Physioplus:


As we have mentioned before, the emphasis at Physioplus Albir is on team work. Therefore you may find your treatment consisting of several therapeutic disciplines, used in combination to achieve the optimal result in terms of addressing movement restrictions and treating pain using drug free therapies.


IASTM is known to produce favourable results in a short time, and the focus at Physioplus is to help you move better, feel better and live better, as soon as possible. Therefore, each patient is assessed individually on a case by case basis. If your condition requires deeper manipulation of the soft tissues than can be achieved by manual means, your therapist may recommend IASTM.



Physioplus take your wellbeing seriously, and only use the best equipment, so you can be confident the IASTM instruments they use for your treatment are the best quality available. IASTM can work where other therapies have failed, and you can carry on with your normal life while receiving treatment. It can help boost collagen production, so as well as pain relief and increased movement range, there’s and added benefit of increased skin elasticity too, so as well as feeling better, you may also look younger!


Like ART (Active Release Technique) IATSM works on the fascia, which is often described as ‘the body’s tablecloth,’ since it holds everything together and covers the skeleton. You may therefore find that the benefits of treatment go beyond the troublesome area. Contact the experienced team of therapists at Physioplus for an assessment to discover whether IATSM is a suitable treatment option for your soft tissue injuries. You could be moving better, feeling better and living better sooner than you imagine!



Contact Details:


Camí de la Cantera, 12, Local 2, 03581 L’Albir, Alicante

Telephone: 966 57 75 89



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