Physioplus Albir: Improve your game on the exclusive Indoor Golf Simulator and Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better!

The Costa Blanca area of Spain is blessed with a number of championship level golf courses, as well as the weather to make the most of them. Paul  Espe at Physioplus Albir calls himself ‘Your Body Mechanic,’ but he has an alter ego. Thanks to the state-of-the-art, indoor public golf simulator in the spacious Physioplus clinic, he has also become ‘The Golfer’s Best Friend!’


When Paul acquired the premises for the clinic, he vowed to make full use of the generous floor space, and he installed a large golf simulator, which can be helpful in all sorts of ways to golfers.  Whether it’s to detect why they sustain injuries, to improve on their swing or simply to have fun with golf-loving friends, lots of people use the simulator for various reasons.


This is how the exclusive Physioplus Indoor Golf Simulator can benefit your body and your game:


Paul Espe:


Physioplus Golf Simulator


Paul is the only Active Release Technique (ART) provider and trainer in Spain. If someone comes to him with an injury they suspect may have derived from golf, he will first pinpoint the exact location of the injury, and treat it very specifically, because each ART session is a combination of examination and treatment. If the problem persists, he may then ask one of two people to work with the patient in the simulator to identify the root cause of the injury, so that it doesn’t cause continuing discomfort.


Emma Segovia Leza:


Physioplus Golf Simulator



Emma has spent around 20 years working with golfers at all levels, from schoolchildren just learning to elite players. She is a sports therapist specialising in golf training and the treatment of golf injuries, using her unique Dpostural system as well as other techniques to identify problem areas and also help to improve movement and positioning. She often works in partnership with Paul to help treat the injury and at the same time improve the game, so the issue doesn’t recur. The simulator is a big help with this.


Call Emma on 639 88 23 76 or on the clinic number for training in Dpostural techniques or anything golf related.


Francisco Pintor Smith:


Physioplus Golf Simulator


Francisco is a golfer and professional trainer with many years of experience. He is based at the Melia Vilaitana Golf Course in Benidorm.  Francisco has been having treatment from  Paul for a recurring lower back problem, and finds ART gives him pain relief, an improved range of movement and overall function. He also trains people in the simulator to improve their game. Call Francisco on 674 17 53 82 if you could use some golf guidance.


As far as Francisco is concerned, the simulator is a great training aid, because it gives immediate feedback on the patient’s movement, which helps to identify the movements that may be causing injury. Typically, golfers tend to suffer from back and wrist problems due to incorrect movements in the stance, swing or follow through. This can be difficult to pick up on the driving range, so it has a two-fold benefit of improving the game, and preventing further injury while the existing issue is being treated.


Physioplus Golf Simulator


You don’t need to have a problem with your game or a golf-related injury to experience the golf simulator though. You can rent it with a few friends for a fun game on one of over 100 top class courses. You can even play along with the pros in the big tournaments, and compare their game with your own!


There’s no waiting around for the people in front to move on, and the temperature is always controlled, so you won’t be too hot, cold or wet to play. And of course, the light is always perfect, so there’s nothing to stop you having the best game of your life. Contact Physioplus Albir and book your session on the indoor golf simulator. It’s a great idea for a birthday present, or for golf loving friends and family members.


Contact Details:


Physioplus Golf Simulator



Camí de la Cantera, 12, Local 2, 03581 L’Albir, Alicante

Telephone: 966 57 75 89

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