Orobianco, Calpe’s best restaurant, has brand new menus for you to try, are you ready?

Orobianco is the only Italian restaurant in Spain with a Michelin star, that’s a pretty impressive accolade we think. Designed by Ferdinando Bernardi, Chef de Cuisine, their new autumn menus are out now, brace yourselves for a gastronomic journey of delights…




Vegetarian (R)evolution Menu


We’re starting with the vegetarian menu, that’s right a whole menu just for the vegetarians among you instead of the usual one or two options within the main menu.


Let’s begin our 7 courses with the home made Bruschetta, it comes paired with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sun Dried Tomato Paste and Caper. 


Next up are the mains, a delicious taste of each of the following: 


– Green Peas and Burrata

– Celery, Summer Truffle and Marsala

– Vegetable Garden

– Parmesan Risotto, Citrus and Aromatic Herbs

– Roasted Eggplant and Sweet Tomato Raviolo. 


Finally we finish off with two fabulous desserts; Pineapple and Tepache and the wonderful Orobianco Tiramisu.


Each plate is cooked and served to absolute perfection, a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.




(R)evolution Menu


Carefully crafted, designed and put into practice, the (R)evolution is a delight for the meat and fish lovers out there. These wonderful tastes of Italy are an introduction to the amazing flavours that Orobianco is so well known for.


Here we start again with the in house Bruschettas with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried Tomato Paste, Anchovy & Caper. Each as delicious as the other. 


For mains we have this spectacular selection: 


– Scallop and Grapes 

– Carpaccio Raw Meat Rossini Style (as seen in the photo above)

– Cuttlefish and Squid 

– Ragu and Raspberry Risotto 

– Lamb, Spices and Kefir 


And to finish this exquisite tasting we have the Pineapple & Tepache and the Orobianco Tiramisu, not to mention a plate of fab Mignardises, a bite sized selection of desserts.




Menu Unico


Finally we have the Unico menu, a special one indeed, this one has 9 courses for you to enjoy. 


Once again we start with Orobianco’s Artisan Sourdough Bruschettas with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried Tomato Paste, Anchovy and Caper, a fabulous way to start your tasting journey. 


For the main courses we have:


– Blue Fish, Roasted Eggplant and Amaretto (show in the photo above) 

– Spreadable Cod 

– Squid “Tagliolini” al funghi 

– Spaghetto alla Bottarga and Sea Bass

– Parmesan, Citrus and Shrimp Risotto

– Duck Cappelletti, Orange and Sauternes

– Grilled Wagyu, Chianti and Fermented Fig. 


To finish our divine dishes we have Cold Red Berry Soup; Exotic Biancomangiare and Mignardises.




Head chef Ferdinando Bernardi, Maître-Sommelier Heguer Castellanos and their team want to welcome you with open arms to Orobianco, the best restaurant in Calpe in our opinion. We challenge you to try each and every one of these amazing creations, and let us know how you get on!


To make your reservations, and we highly recommend that you do, you can contact the restaurant via their online reservations here.

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