Now You Can Have Iconic Bespoke Luxury For Your Home At The Creative Design Showroom Of High-End Homes

Will you still love the interior of your home fifty years into the future? This is the question that Ann Sand a Norwegian Founder, Interior Designer, and Brand Curator at High-End Homes asks herself every time she sets out to create something new.

Therefore in this feature today we want to tell you the story about this inspirational, creative businesswoman who has a keen eye for detail and why she asks this question every time she embarks on a new project.


Her story

Ann is a Norwegian interior designer who currently works in Marbella with her own brand.

She has worked with leading design brands in Scandinavia her entire life and has also lived in Bali for three years a place that will remain in her heart and life forever. When she moved to Marbella she decided she wanted to take her work to the next level and this is when High-End Homes took place.

She previously worked for some of the top Scandinavian design brands and she was the former Managing Director of Illums Bolighus in Oslo so she knows the best Nordic interior products.

These Scandinavian designs and goods are popular all over the world, but many of the brands are less well-known than they deserve to be, so her idea was to establish a location where she could highlight what she feels are some of the top brands, and show people what Scandinavian Design is at its best.

Finally, she envisioned High-End Homes’ showroom as a place where she could share her passion for Scandinavian design with others – a place where people could admire and be inspired by all the wonderfully crafted objects she adores, as well as experience it for themselves.

As a result, she established a showroom where people may come to view or buy anything from a coffee table book to a one-of-a-kind work of art. However, it is also an exciting place to come for real estate developers, investors, or private consulting customers who want help decorating their houses since they can immerse themselves in the style and “try it on,” as it were.


Her philosophy

Her passion for interior design goes beyond creating mere spaces so Ann’s mission is to create timeless spaces with an out-of-the-ordinary vision of the future in which she pays attention to every detail and leaves nothing out so that after many years you will still love that space as much as the first day and nothing has been left out of place.


” Before I even put pen to paper, I think a few decades ahead. Would people still love my interior fifty years into the future? What materials would best suit the air and temperature? Will I be making homes for a colony on Mars? Creating something new yet timeless is my mission. I give nods to elevated design and iconic silhouettes, but apply a certain tropical-Island element to the mix. Above all, my art form is about contemporary luxury. This is the interior for the house of tomorrow.”


She loves refined and sexy interior design but also every space needs to represent intellectuality and “hygge”.

The pieces chosen are quality items and are made to last, hence her company name, High-End Homes. She wants the client to feel successful, present, and young at heart when you enter a home done by her. The house does not get dated with her interior style, and the investment of lifetime items is secured for the future.

The experience is completely warm and sophisticated while having some fun will be also granted. Clients looking to complement a great property purchase with equally great interiors and style are the right match for her.

All of her projects are individually made as people are different. She has some signature pieces, and art is essential to set the theme’s vibe.


What makes High-End Homes set apart

Now High-End Homes have partnered with her favorite brands. They are central to Ann’s home design and may be purchased in her Puerto Banus showroom.

She mixes tropical themes with her Nordic ancestry after living in Bali for three years, and sophisticated bespoke outdoor furniture is imported from there, and other exotic, tropical decor pieces.

She has a strong connection to the island, and in Marbella, she gives a one-of-a-kind combination of all her expertise that leaves no one unmoved.

She works with private clients, interior designers, brokers, and developers with a wide range of demands and expectations, but the essential point of distinction is not the scale of the project or even the client’s own experience, but the level of engagement they desire.

Some individuals want a creative sparring partner who can provide guidance, help choose important elements to create the tone, and help with the logistics. Others want a whole interior design idea for numerous apartments, and she will work with them to meet their goals.

Also, because many of Ann’s clients are only in Marbella for a part of the year, it is critical for Ann to establish confidence with the clients so that they know they can rely on her to finish the job and handle the logistics successfully, even if the clients are not in the country.

And when they get here, they can just lean back and enjoy their holidays.

Based on this experience, she offers three options:

  • Lean Back: We take care of everything on behalf of our clients
  • Hand on the Wheel: We make decisions together with the client throughout the project
  • Hourly Consulting: The client is in charge, but we offer our help as needed.

High-End Homes have partnered with her favorite brands. They are at the core of Ann’s interior design, and you can buy them in her showroom in Puerto Banus so we suggest you give her a call today and step into the future of interior design.



Phone: +34 639 235 628 /+47 98871015


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