Nomad Hotel, Javea Port: Rest your mind, body and spirit under the shade of the Travellers’ Palm!

You may think that ‘Nomad’ is a bit of a cliché as a name for a hotel, after all, the original nomads were travellers, and people who stay in hotels are also travellers, so why couldn’t the hotel owners be more original? That would be a great injustice to Dieter and Monica, the founders of Nomad Hotel, because the thinking behind the name comes from an affinity with the Earth that gives us life, and all its diverse cultures. All the elements of life are beautifully represented inside this stunning hotel, which is itself a repurposed building, making something new and beautiful from two properties that were lying forlorn and  empty on the front line of Javea Port.


Why Nomad Hotel?


Hotel Nomad


The term ‘nomad’ comes from the tribes who used to move from place to place, finding work for themselves and grazing for their animals, usually in the challenging terrain of the African deserts. However, there’s more to the nomad lifestyle than just moving from place to place. True nomads have to rethink their priorities. It’s no good accumulating ‘stuff,’ because what are you going to do with it on your travels? It’s an encumbrance which will probably end up being damaged and/or left behind, because the benefits of ownership are outweighed by the pitfalls of carrying possessions around with you and keeping them safe and secure.


Nomad life, then, is about experiences rather than ownership. It’s about connecting with where you are, and adapting the way you live and work to suit the different situations and locations you find yourself in.


Nomad Hotel


To Dieter and Monica, we are all nomads, because life itself is a journey, even if you never move more than a few miles from home. Just like the physical travellers who must adapt to their surroundings, we have to rethink our attitudes in order to navigate through life. And just like physical travelling, it can be a tiring journey, from which we need to rest and recharge in order to move onwards on our path – whether it’s a physical journey or an emotional one.


Nomad Hotel is a great place to do this, because every detail is completed with the aim of allowing the weary traveller to rest and replenish mind, body and spirit, while enjoying different physical, gastronomic and aesthetic experiences and connecting with new cultures. Their tagline is ‘Just Be, Stay Nomad,’ and the building, its stunning surroundings and the supportive members of Team Nomad will enable you to do exactly that.


The ‘Travellers’ Tree:’


Nomad Hotel


The logo of Nomad Hotel is the Ravenala tree, native to Madagascar. It’s called ‘the travellers’ tree,’ or ‘the travellers’ palm,’ for several reasons.


  • It usually grows east-west, so it can help with orientation for lost travellers.
  • Water gathers at the base of its leaves, which will quench the thirst of travellers in hot terrains, although it doesn’t taste all that good.
  • The berries provide food, although again, they are not exactly gastronomic delights, but who cares when you’re hungry and thirsty anyway?
  • The leaves provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

Also, if you like this tree, we have a comprehensive guide here on how to grow a tropical garden with these trees and more plants.



Just like the tree, Nomad Hotel provides shelter on your journey through life. Even better, the food is excellent, based on the cuisine of the Marina Alta region, and the water is filtered through an ultra violet system then mineralised before you drink it. Because water flows from the Earth, it is freely given at the hotel for you to enjoy.



Prefer something more exciting than water, even if it’s the best water you’ve ever tasted? Spoil yourself with a cocktail in the Sky Bar as you drink in the vista over Javea Bay. Or sample one of Nomad’s special coffees, resulting from a collaboration with Primos de Origen of Spain, who produce their coffee from beans grown sustainably on family plantations around the world. You will never want to go back to coffee shop or supermarket coffee again!




Hotel Nomad


Sustainability is viewed as a buzz word in some quarters, but it’s at the heart of everything Nomad. As mentioned before, the hotel has been created from two old buildings, and some of the furnishings have been produced from reclaimed wood and other materials. There are basketry decorations and furnishings made by nomadic tribespeople in Africa, which can also be purchased or even commissioned.


Isn’t it fabulous to feel that, by staying in this little corner of paradise in Spain, you are helping people on another continent, thousands of miles away, to sustain the way of life they have enjoyed for many centuries? It’s a two- way process, because there’s nothing more uplifting for the soul than living among beautiful things that have come from Nature, while enjoying stunning surroundings.


Even the headboards on the beds are made from algae, while adobe and local ceramics have been used in building and decoration. Nomad is sustainable living in action.


Relaxation for the soul:


Hotel Nomad


At Nomad Hotel, all the rooms are furnished according to the principles of Feng Shui, and there is a view of the sea from your bed. This all contributes to true relaxation of body and soul, and those memories of waking up surrounded by the beauty of Nature will sustain your spirit long after you return to your ‘normal’ life.


Nomad is an oasis of calm, but the Guest Experience team are ready to advise on any activities you may want to take part in. The hotel is ideally situated for hiking in the campo surrounding the port, and there’s lots to see and do in and around Javea.


Nomad Hotel accommodates up to 40 guests in 14 differently themed rooms. Six of the rooms are paired in suites, with shared facilities, so they are ideal for families and friends travelling together. Contact the Nomad Team on the details below, and see how soon you can ‘Just Be, Stay Nomad.’ They’re waiting to welcome you.


Contact details:

Hotel Nomad


Avenida Marina Española 8-9
03730 Jávea

Telephone: 615 749 753



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