Do I need an eye test?

Sometimes we suffer from headaches or our vision can appear blurry. In those cases, it is recommended to have an eye test. But what does it entail and how is it done?


Experts recommend us to have an eye test at least every two years. Eye tests are very important for our visual health. Through these exams we can find out if it is necessary to start wearing glasses, or if we need a change of prescription from our current glasses. Certain medical conditions can also be detected during an eye exam.


What to expect during an eye test?

Opticians have to adapt the eye test to the needs of each patient. For this, factors such as the family history, the results of the last test or if the person wears glasses or contact lenses must be taken into account. In addition, before starting the exam, your optician will ask you about your habits, your lifestyle and if you have noticed changes in your eyesight.


How to know if I need an eye test


During the eye exam, as well as the vision, all aspects of your visual health will be thoroughly checked. Including the pressure inside the eye and the condition of the retina and the cornea. The eye test can also discover eye infections or if the eyes are dry. The optician will explain the results and give as much advice as possible.


Test your vision today

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The best Moraira optics


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