Natural repellents for pets

Although summer is over, it is very important to continue using antiparasitic products to take care of our pets. In Spain, and specifically on the Costa Blanca, there are insects all year round. If you want to protect your pet from them, natural repellents are very effective products without aggressive chemicals. Do you want to know their advantages?


Mosquitoes, fleas and other insects are a problem when people want to go for a walk or sit at night in the garden, especially when the temperatures are pleasant. This situation also affects our four-legged friends. They do not usually complain, but they are also a succulent target for insects if we have not adequately protected them. The natural repellents for pets are the best solution.


Know your enemy

Factors such as the temperature of our dog or cat, the smell, the humidity of their bodies or the carbon dioxide they exhale when they breathe affect mosquitoes or fleas to choose them as victims. The smell of ectoparasites is very refined, so a good strategy to avoid their bites is to change the smell of our pets with a natural repellent with an unpleasant fragrance for bugs.


But which parasites are usually the most common? In Spain we mainly find mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Mosquitoes are the cause of transmitting diseases such as heartworm disease and leishmaniasis. On the other hand, ticks are especially problematic, as they can transmit borreliosis or Lyme disease, viral encephalitis or paralysis, among others diseases. Finally, fleas can cause allergic dermatitis pyllidiosis or bartonellosis.


How to protect our pets with natural products

If you want to keep parasites at bay, you can opt for several methods and products, but LaraVital experts advise attacking from two fronts. First, to create an external protective shell on our pets we can use natural cosmetics for pets. Natural-Extra pipettes for dogs and cats can be combined with Natural-Extra anti-insect spray and a repellent shampoo. These products are made with natural components, such as citronella, lavandin, vanilla or neem, which provide a pleasant aroma —for mosquitoes not so much— and do not contain synthetic, toxic or aggressive chemicals and additives for the health of our pets.


In addition, for dogs there are also products to protect them from the inside, such as the food supplements Lupo Zeck and Zeck Weg. These items act with a catalytic effect on the dog’s skin. In other words: the properties of natural ingredients evaporate through the dog’s skin, so that they repel ectoparasites.


The best natural pet repellents


Choose authentic natural repellents for pets

Natural pet repellents are an ideal option to protect them from bugs, since they have no contraindications to their health and do not elevate liver transaminases. They are also suitable for pregnant or lactating animals and do not contain aggressive chemicals. The latest studies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that antiparasitic pipettes made with chemicals can cause dangerous side effects, including tumours.


The main advantage of chemical products is that they are more potent than natural ones and are especially useful in cases of mass infestations. However, under normal conditions it is more advisable to use natural repellents, since we can reinforce their effects increasing applications without risk for our four-legged friends. Mind you, make sure they are really natural products, it’s not enough to put it on the label.


Would you like to know more about these products or natural LaraVital feed? Get in touch with their friendly staff, they will be happy to help you solve all your doubts. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.




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