Must Interiorismo, Denia: Good design teams elegance and originality with comfort

Must Interiorismo of Denia has only been open for just over a year, but already the company is building a reputation for elegance, originality and comfort in everything they create. Interior design is not just about looking good. Everything needs to earn its place in your home by being functional and complementing the living space.


A closer look at comfort:


Comfort is not just about feeling good when you relax into your favourite armchair at the end of a long day. It takes many forms. For example, do you have enough natural light where you need it? If not, you need a solution. That may mean tiered light fittings, to give extra illumination where you need it, and softer lighting in relaxation spaces. Or it could be a case of keeping the living space more open by looking for other solutions than walls and solid screens to divide large rooms.


And of course, larger rooms may be susceptible to temperature variations which again may impact on your personal comfort. A draughty corner may just need a high backed seating solution to mitigate the problem, or you may need to think about a movable or fixed structure.



Must Interiorismo


Don’t assume that the solution to your comfort is going to cost a lot of money or involve major structural changes. A visit to a design studio can often address the problem with a few practical suggestions and ideas from someone like Andrea, from Must Interiorismo, who is experienced in interior design, and is also familiar with the construction side, as her family set up Balbe Servicios more than 25 years ago.


Comfort solutions:


Because Must Interiorismo pay so much attention to the small details, they can advise you on many different ways to maximise the comfort of your home, quickly and easily. These are simple ways to maximise the light in your space:

  • Choose furnishings in colours to reflect the light and brighten the room, rather than dark, dense colours which absorb light.
  • When building or reforming, consider open staircases for comfort and safety. Or screen the stairs with banisters or room dividers that allow light through.
  • Choose lamps with reflective bases, to give softer but more efficient light.
  • Consider the placement of furniture carefully. What is the function of the space? How much light do you need? For example, a desk where you need to work needs to be in a well lit space, whereas the sofa can be in an area where the light is more subtle and diffused.


Must Interiorismo

Comfort in the kitchen:


As we said, comfort isn’t always an obvious thing, but since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it follows that it should be designed with your comfort in mind. Here’s how you can maximise comfort in your kitchen:

  • Choose a layout that allows for easy cleaning, so you can concentrate on creating fabulous meals. That means not too many seams in the construction, and smooth door fronts to discourage the build up of dust and food particles.
  • Think carefully about the positioning of lighting.
  • You don’t need to go for white kitchen furniture, but try not to have too many dark doors or working surfaces. Your interior designer can advise on this, so let them see the area before making your final choices.
  • Floor covering plays an important part in comfort too. It should be easy to clean, non-slip to avoid accidents and have some cushioning to be kind to your joints where possible. Here in Spain, where tiles and marble make up many of our floors, you may want to place a non-slip rug where you normally stand.

Some people consider interior design is a luxury they can’t afford, but in fact, consulting a design studio can save you money by preventing you from making expensive mistakes. Must Interiorismo is much more than a furniture store; it’s your advice centre for everything connected with interior design. Contact Andrea, or call into the studio in Denia for expert advice on bringing elegance and comfort to your home.


Contact Details:

Must Interiorismo



C/ Carlos Sentí, 21. (Primera planta)

03700 Denia, Alicante.

Telephone: 649 012 365; 966 173 504




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