Modernize your house with Ctrl B, your dream factory

The future is here. It is now. We live in the times of Back to the Future and Blade Runner. Maybe we still do not have hoverboard skateboards or amazing replicating robots. But technology surrounds us to improve our quality of life. That is the goal of Ctrl B, offering innovative solutions to modernize our homes.


Ctrl B is not a simple technology company. Most businesses in the sector are limited to consider hardware and features to meet the needs of the customer. In Ctrl B they go further. From their company, they use the knowledge of experts in architecture, graphic design, industrial design and, of course, technology. All this in order to offer the most appropriate technological solution for each client, while this is integrated into your home, so that your interior decoration is respected and even improved. That is to say, from Ctrl B technological services are offered that are integrated in the spaces, favoring a modern and elegant design adapted to the environment.


If you are wondering what a company like Ctrl B can do for you, they provide their services to both individuals and companies. More specifically, they are dedicated to home automation, lighting design and dimming systems, security, architectural solutions, multiroom audio and video solutions, Hi-Fi and home cinema. But do not think that their benefits are reduced to houses, businesses and commercial facilities, they have even installed their equipment even on yachts!



If you like movies or television series, Ctrl B offers the best in home theaters. Combining clarity, intuitive control, features adapted to each user and an enveloping environmental sound, through your home cinema you can experience films like you never did before. In addition, once installed, the speakers are practically invisible, to favor an even more immersive experience. On the other hand, they offer other services such as elegant lighting options for homes. In this way, they integrate a completely customizable lighting system that is easily handled with a keyboard or motion sensors. Save energy and money with a more effective lighting installation, as well as respect the environment. In this way, you can control the lights of the whole house from one room, changing its intensity, programming a schedule of on and off by timers and even adjusting the most suitable atmosphere for each occasion.



But Ctrl B services go beyond audio, video and lighting solutions. They also focus on security systems. For this, they offer services with security cameras, facial recognition technology, video intercoms, infrared systems and even smart locking solutions can be installed. And what if you’re going to be away from home for a long time? You can set a program through which lights and televisions randomly turn on to simulate that there are people at the house.


To achieve their goals, Ctrl B works with premium brands, such as B&W and its superb advanced home cinema and hi-fi speakers, or JBL Synthesis for signal processors, equalizers, amplifiers and loudspeakers. They also work with other companies, such as Leaf, Rotel, Stewart Filmscreen, Sonos and Architettura Sonora, among many other prestigious brands.


All this sound really interesting, right? Visit the Ctrl B showroom at 70 Conde de Altea street, in Altea (phone number: +34 965 841 064). You can also go to their tech office at 29 Giorgeta avenue, pta 10, in Valencia (phone number: +34 963 807 948). If you prefer, you can also send them an email to or check their website ( to find out more about their services and their catalog.


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