MK Toldos, Denia: Wherever you need shade, there’s a toldo to fit!

There are a number of misconceptions about toldos, or awnings, as they are called in English. Today’s technology means that toldos can be fitted anywhere, not just in obvious places. If you have a small space you can’t use because it’s always in direct sunlight, MK Toldos can create extra outdoor space for you, even if it appears there’s nowhere to attach it.


If you want a large toldo without an accompanying structure, there’s a solution for that as well. The technicians at MK Toldos have around 20 years of experience with fitting all types of toldos, and the great thing is, today, when materials and supporting structures are so much lighter and more versatile, it’s possible for them to solve your shade and sun protections. Even if you think there’s no way you can fit in a toldo, you may be surprised at the solutions that are available today.


MK Toldos


There’s an almost limitless range of toldos available these days, so it can be very confusing if you’re not experienced in choosing the right system for your needs. A company that provides personal service from conception to completion can work around any design issues that present themselves, and this personal service is at the heart of MK Toldos’ business philosophy.


There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right toldo for your outdoor space, including:


  • Positioning; the sun moves during the day, but your toldo is fixed, so it needs to provide shade for all the time you want to use it.
  • Do you need shelter from sun, wind, rain or all three?
  • Is the space primarily to be used for work or leisure?
  • Material; consider which materials will wear better, provide protection from the weather and resist fading.
  • Do you need to make structural changes?
  • Is the chosen toldo in keeping with the overall design appearance of the property?
  • Is it simple to extend and retract?


MK Toldos


This may seem a daunting prospect, but an experienced technician can guide you through the process, and make suggestions you may not have even considered. While virtually any space can be successfully fitted with a toldo, there may be natural restrictions which rule out certain styles and mechanisms.


All these considerations, and more, will have been addressed and overcome by professional toldo technicians, so you don’t need to worry about this. However, because there are so many variables in choosing the right toldo for your space, you should ensure that your chosen supplier and fitter is experienced in the trade, and also has a good reputation for after sales service. A toldo is meant to make life easier and more enjoyable, so make sure that whoever you choose to fit yours is experienced and reliable. Spain Life Exclusive are pleased to endorse MK Toldos. Contact them on the details below to arrange for your no obligation quote.


Contact details:

MK Toldos



 Av. Miguel Hernández, 38, 03700 Dénia, Alicante

Telephone: 629 910 829



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