MK Toldos Denia Presents: Solutions to outdoor living in the cooler months

MK Toldos has built a great reputation for service and quality on the Costa Blanca. They have done many installations for businesses and apartment blocks, taking advantage of 20 years of experience in the industry to offer the best solutions for climate control and comfortable outdoor living, whatever the season. If you are looking to maximise your outdoor experience, or even extend your living space without spending a fortune on builders and reforming, there’s a quicker, cleaner and cheaper solution. Consider a bioclimatic pergpla, installed by the experts at MK Toldos.


What’s a bioclimatic pergola, then?


Bioclimatic pergolas are designed to interact seamlessly with Nature and the Elements to provide you with the shelter or protection you need, whatever the weather, in any season. The most energy efficient and comfortable versions are also the most versatile, being equipped with different enclosures for summer or winter, and even LED lights in the slats or roof supports, so you can relax in your pergola at any time. If it’s raining outside, your bioclimatic pergola will keep you cosy and dry, preventing water ingress and damage. If it’s windy, adjust the slats in another direction.


Want sun rather than shade, or vice versa? It’s all possible, with  motorised aluminium slats that intelligently adapt to the prevailing weather conditions. The ventilation system that allows fresh air in during the summer will also prevent cold air entering your living space in winter. And of course, your pergola will protect you from all weather extremes – sun, wind, rain and even snow – although thankfully we don’t see much of that here on the Costa Blanca!


MK Toldos


Being of aluminium construction, these pergolas are lightweight, and can be adapted to blend with your unique living arrangements and the construction of your home. They can be free standing, or attached to the façade of your property in a way that makes it look as if it belongs there, rather than being a new addition and improvement.  Choose from adjustable or retractable slats, different colours and finishes, to add your own style influences to your pergola.


The wonderful thing about the professionals at MK Toldos is that they love what they do, and they will be just as enthusiastic about your project as you are, whether you are a large commercial enterprise needing comfort and space for your customers, or a private householder. Your vision is the guiding light to which MK Toldos will add their many years of practical experience to ensure that your bioclimatic pergola is constructed to your liking. They will never pressure you into doing something you may later regret just to make the sale. They care about their products, and they care about their clients. Contact them on the details below, and let them show you just how much better outdoor living can be with the benefit of a custom created bioclimatic pergola, fashioned with your lifestyle in mind.


Contact details:


MK Toldos


 Av. Miguel Hernández, 38, 03700 Dénia, Alicante

Telephone: 629 910 829



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