Miraculous Hair Transplant Treatments by Insparya Hair Company

Are you looking for a way to get your confidence back? Hair transplant treatments by Insparya Hair Company are guaranteed to get you feeling like yourself again. 

With their clinics based in Madrid and Marbella, Insparya Hair Company is the largest medical clinical group that specialises in hair transplants. With 40,000 successful hair transplant procedures performed, the group is proud to have so many satisfied customers that can back up their practice. 

Having opened a brand new clinic in Marbella, Insparya is specialised in the treatment of all pathologies associated with hair loss in both men and women, as well as preventive treatments for hair loss and hair transplantation, Dr Carlos Caballero Insparya Marbella´s Medical Director reveals.  The most common of all is hair transplantation in men who suffer from common baldness or androgenetic alopecia. 

With seven clinics in Europe, Insparya counts on a team of over 300 employees, including 40 doctors, nurses, consultants and assistants. Although due to increasing demand, the team is looking into expanding, and therefore increasing the number of daily surgeries, which currently stands at 20 per day between Marbella and Madrid.  

Insparya’s main objective is to “inspire” their clients to be able to feel confident again through the use of modern science, technology, and medical treatments. The company strives to help its patients feel like they can take on the world, which starts with looking and feeling their best.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous footballer is also a co-founder and strong believer in the company. 

What’s more, the clinic offers payment plans to adapt to the needs of every patient. 



New Insparya Clinic in Marbella


Male Baldness: The Struggle Against Hair Loss 

Between the ages of 20 and 35, it is not uncommon for men to see their hair thinning and the hairline gradually receding. Often caused by genetics, this baldness, whose scientific name is androgenic alopecia or androgenetic alopecia, can be treated and the progressive hair loss slowed down, even stopped.

Throughout the normal life cycle of hair, the scalp loses between 40 and 80 hairs per day. When this number approaches or exceeds 100, hair loss is considered excessive.

Hair loss is a cause of anxiety for men who see how their hair gradually loses density, bald patches appear and in a short time, they become hairless. 

However, Insparya Hair Company is here to let you know that it’s unnecessary to keep struggling with this problem, as they offer fantastic solutions and treatments, instilling the confidence back in people with over 40,000 successful cases. 


Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous footballer is also a co-founder and strong believer in the company. 


How Do the Treatments Work? 

Insparya has revolutionised the field of hair transplantation and reconstruction, providing patients with the most sophisticated technology available worldwide in this area.

Using the latest technology, Insparya performs a procedure known as hair grafting. Hair grafting or follicular transplant is a cosmetic technique that allows the repopulation of hair in areas where alopecia or intense hair loss is present. 

The patient’s own hair is used for a more natural result, and it is performed under local anaesthesia. The main advantages of this treatment are that the patient is the donor and the grafted hair remains permanently.

​​This is the most effective in the treatment of alopecia. Insparya uses the most sophisticated technique and invests in continuous training and education programmes, in turn investing in research allied to the most prestigious centres in the scientific and technological fields, to provide our patients with the best choice in this area.

The clinic counts on an advanced, exclusive and internally developed technology that has revolutionised hair transplantation.

Thanks to individually adjustable systems and settings, this equipment achieves unique precision and speed in the excision of the highest quality hair follicle units for transplantation, for the scalp, beard, as well as eyebrows. 


Insparya uses something called a “Dual Extraction Device”,  which allows for faster and more precise extraction of the follicular units, associated with less damage to the skin tissue in the extraction area.

It involves a minimally invasive procedure, with local anaesthesia, which allows the patient to return to their daily activities in just a few days. Plus, the patient is left without scars or other visible marks that are left from traditional transplant techniques. 


About the Founders

Paulo Ramos, the founder of Saúde Viável, together with Cristiano Ronaldo, decided to create Insparya after more than 12 years of success achieved in Portugal, with over 40,000 transplants performed. 

A clinical group committed to the diagnosis, treatment, and advancing research in the area of alopecia, Insparya has clinics in both Spain and Portugal. 

Paulo himself was affected by hair loss from a young age, and so the work done at Insparya is something that hits home. Having tried various treatments such as topical hair treatment and pills, he found that neither were very effective and he decided to do something about it and find a more practical approach. 

Now, he helps thousands of people gain their confidence back, by providing them with a real solution. 



Find them at their offices:


Urbanización Lomas de Río Verde, 152A – 29602 – Marbella, Málaga

+34 900 696 020


Calle Joaquín Costa,26 – 28002 – Madrid, España 

+34 900 696 020


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