‘Astronomy Gastronomy’ – Quique Dacosta Restaurante, Denia

Menu – Universo Local

This menu, meaning ‘Local Universe’, is composed of dishes that have been consolidated over time and represent their background in terms of tradition, evolution and the avant-garde.

 Menu €199 per person

Wine pairing €99 (optional)

10% VAT included


The environment that embraces and seduces Quique Dacosta, marks the future of many of the creations that occur year after year in Denia – The Mediterranean Sea and the Montgó Natural Park.

The enclave has been instrumental in his kitchen: inexhaustible wealth in its seabed and particular geographical location. The Montgó hosts a variety of ecosystems that collect hundreds of species. It is a natural source of resources and epicenter of Dacosta’s vegetable kitchen. His cuisine is marked by the temporality of more than 600 species and varieties of edible plants available for use.

This cuisine is the material with which they are constructing their new universe (an astronomy gastronomy), where the sum of a few things equals something much greater, and something that is difficult to repeat.

It is a new style, a contemporary Mediterranean style, where every part of what they are is encapsulated, with or without references. They are free, and they are literally rewriting the rulebook.

Quique Dacosta Restaurant is considered a reference point in world cuisine and Denia, and is an absolute must for any gourmet visit. Dacosta is very attracted to world cuisines. Which helps him understand the coexistence between techniques, preparation, international products and the updating of the Valencian popular cookbook.

Quique Dacosta – Michelin Star Chef

“A UNIQUE culinary experience that you will never forget”

Urbanización El Poblet,
Calle Rascassa, 1, 03700
Dénia, Alicante


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