Meet the specialists in cosmetic surgery who bring to Spain the state-of-the-art in aesthetics

When it comes to your appearance and possibly using aesthetic treatments and especially surgeries, you want to make sure you are doing your best when choosing an aesthetic clinic that will work with you to develop a proper plan in accordance with your needs.


Well, here at Spain Life Exclusive we have come across an excellent aesthetic clinic in which besides offering cutting-edge technology treatments and surgeries according to your needs, we want to highlight the remarkable human team behind this aesthetic clinic that we are going to tell you about today namely Valverde & Arpino.



The team


The professional team of Valverde & Arpino is formed by Doctor Agustín Valverde. A recognized Plastic Surgeon passionate about Aesthetic Surgery who has been in the industry for over ten years.


Dr. Agustín Valverde, has studied Medicine at the prestigious private university of Navarra, considered the best school of medicine in the country. After graduation, Dr. Valverde conducted the national examination for specialists in Oviedo.



Specializing in Plastic, Aesthetic and Repair Surgery for the Spanish government and the Ministry of Health, he has traveled to Taiwan to learn microsurgery techniques with Professor Wei, and also to Mexico to learn surgery of birth defects with Prof Ortiz. Monastery and Prof. Fernando Molina, two of the best surgeons in the world.


He also worked in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of Professor Navarro at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.


Dr. Valverde has also worked at the Planas Clinic in Barcelona dedicating all his efforts not only to reconstructive surgery, but performing hundreds of procedures in cosmetic surgery so you can see he is highly qualified and an expert in his field.



Alongside him is his wife, Dr. Alessia Arpino who makes up the dream team. She has studied Medicine at the University of La Sapienzia, the most prestigious medical school in Italy and after her national exam, she began her internship at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.



During this period, Dr. Arpino has been one of the most prolific residents, working on the European experimental search for Recell (technology for the extraction of skin cells). She has worked at the Planas Clinic in Barcelona for a year performing hundreds of cosmetic surgery procedures.


Later, she has worked in the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, focusing on breast surgery and breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery.


She has also worked with Prof. Valerio Cervelli in Rome and has written the chapter “Biotechnological tissue and tissue banks” of the Treccani Encyclopedia. She is a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery by the Italian government and the Italian Ministry of Health, a title recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation for the agreements between Spain and Italy within the framework of the European Union.


Together they form a perfect professional and dedicated team who honestly and effectively carry out their work. The key to their success is the attention given to each client, the honest advice they provide, and the follow-up throughout the whole process, during and after.



Valverde & Arpino; the Clinic



Their clinic was opened more than ten years ago in an area of prestigious health excellence in the city of Alicante. After their trajectory in the clinic and its success, they decided to then open also a new clinic in Benidorm.




Surrounded by the three biggest private hospitals in Alicante, we can assure you that their clinic provides an environment where you will feel safe and well looked after.


Your privacy is assured by both the location of the clinic and its facilities.

Doctor Arpino and Doctor Valverde perform all of their surgical interventions in the Hospital Imed in Elche, in the Hospital Vistahermosa in Alicante capital, and in the Hospital Clínica Benidorm in Benidorm.


All three of them currently offer the most advanced technology with surgical facilities accredited by the Spanish State and the Health Service of the Valencian Community. Additionally, each one of them has all of the personalized measures and technologies to make you feel safe in a hospital environment specifically chosen by them.




The state-of-art technology



In addition to carrying out all kinds of surgeries and aesthetic treatments, it is also worth mentioning that the Valverde & Arpino clinic is the first clinic in Spain to perform “Earfold”. The minimally invasive solution for prominent ears.




Earfold is the result of years of investigation and testing from Dr. Norbert Kang from the United Kingdom, to solve a need. The solution to protruding ears, in consultation and with implants.

Valverde & Arpino are specialists in this method and they are proud to say that they are the first clinic in Spain to carry out this treatment.



So, if you are thinking of making any improvements to your physical appearance and wish to be seen by the very best then do not hesitate and call Valverde & Arpino today.


From Spain Life Exclusive we highly recommend this clinic for the experience and professionalism of its specialist doctors as well as for their excellent personal treatment and human quality.


Visit their website for further information or call them to make an appointment.





Calle Doctor Sapena, 54 6B

03013 Alicante

965 261 191 – 610 473 592

674 642 653



Avenida del Mediterraneo 3, bajo

03503 Benidorm



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