Meet Dr. Claudia Parra- Valencia’s premier Plastic Surgeon

Making the decision to undergo plastic surgery or an aesthetic transformation can be very exciting but also difficult and multi-faceted. Choosing the right doctor that understands your needs and goals and is pleased to help you achieve them safely and realistically is paramount.


Dr. Claudia Parra offers much more than superior plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. She prides herself on connecting to and understanding the needs of each individual client in order to provide not only amazing results physically but a pleasant and comforting experience from the first consultation to the final follow-up appointment. Her goal through her work is to empower people, not change them and believes in the natural beauty of each individual client.


Dr. Claudia Parra


Since she was a child, Dr. Parra knew she wanted to be a surgeon and while attending medical school in her native Colombia she made this childhood dream a reality. She found her true passion being in the operating room and this inspired her to specialize in plastic surgery.

Dr. Parra explains, ¨I chose the specialty of plastic surgery because of how important reconstructive surgery is for a human being and the aesthetics that is linked to the art of beauty and psychology since some complexes affect self-esteem in a negative way. ¨


Dr. Parra moved to Valencia, Spain and began her specialized studies in plastic surgery at the famous Hospital la Fe. Her impressive 20-year career of performing plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine has made her an expert in various fields such as breast augmentation, glute augmentation, facial surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, laser treatments and facial fillers. Her clinic in Valencia has been providing her clients with a top of the line, specialized experience for over two decades.


Dr. Parra is a big advocate for aesthetic medicine to help those clients who want a more subtle change but are not ready to go into the operating room. She is especially excited about one particular treatment that provides incredible results, Botox.


Dr. Claudia Parra


¨I recommend using Botox because it has an immediate effect that is the treatment of expression wrinkles for approximately 4-5 months, and in the long term (repeating it 2 times a year) will prevent deep wrinkles from forming in the expression areas such as forehead, eyebrows and eyes, ¨ she describes.


She recommends the use of Botox for a wide array of concerns and can personalize a plan to suit your individual preferences. This injection method is quick, simple and virtually painless with no recovery time. And since Dr. Parra is an expert on injections and fillers, she can work with you to decide where and how much of the treatment you need for the desired result. In general, patients should come every 5-6 months for follow-up injections.


Botox even has some medical uses such as helping relieve migraines or to stop teeth grinding. And although a majority of patients are women, men are starting to notice the possibility of freshening up their face and getting rid of wrinkles.


Dr. Claudia Parra


¨Today there are more and more men who are very happy with the treatment, and women are very constant with the treatment because of how satisfied and natural and relaxed the treatment is. ¨ Dr.Parra says.


Everyone has the right to be happy with the way they look. If you are interested in a big change or more comfortable with a minimal touch-up to slow the signs of aging, there are a plethora of procedures and options available to you. Set up a consultation with Dr.Parra in Valencia and start your journey to not only looking better but more importantly feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. You can get more information on her website at or set up an appointment by calling +96 352 13 88.


Contact Information:

C/ San Vicente Mártir, 72

pta. 2 46002 Valencia

+96 352 13 88


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