Medifit Reha Moraira announces post Covid-19 tailor-made rehabilitation programme

Recovering Covid-19 patients can now enrol for a tailor-made, clinical multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme at Medifit Rehabilitation Centre in Moraira on discharge from hospital. This will be particularly beneficial for Intensive Care patients.


Patients who have been admitted in to Intensive Care often suffer often from Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) or ICUAW (Intensive care unit—acquired weakness). These conditions  are mainly caused by respiratory problems, reduced physical functioning and psychological and cognitive disorders, during the acute and recovery phases. However, pulmonary problems and psychological cognitive morbidity can be expected to play a more prominent role within the Covid-19 group.


These residual intensive care-related symptoms often lead to long-term limitations in daily functioning and a reduced quality of life. Several recent studies mention muscle weakness, pain, cognitive disorders, delirium, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder as direct consequences of critical illness (Herridge et al. 2011, Needham et al. 2012).


Acquired muscle weakness is one of the most striking consequences of critical care, particularly if it is protracted, as is often the case with Covid-19. The cause of this may lie in the muscle (Critically ill Polymyopathy) or in the nerve (Critically ill Polyneuropathy). It can contribute to decreased pulmonary ventilation during short and long-term recovery.


Compared to the average PICS validators, the Covid-19 group has a higher risk of permanent lung damage, for example, restrictive lung function in case of respiratory muscle weakness, alveolitis and pulmonary fibrosis. Additionally, some people may be prone to excessive psychosocial stress, with the accompanying high risk factors for psychiatric morbidity.


In the rehabilitation of Covid-19, counteracting muscle weakness and improving physical function are important reasons for intervention treatment, along with improved cardio-pulmonary functioning and corrective breathing therapy. In addition, it is important to improve cognitive function, build patient confidence in recovery, reduce anxiety, and lessen the risk of complications during recovery.




Medifit Rehabilitation Clinic, in collaboration with other rehabilitation centres in Northern Europe and specialised pulmonary centres, have developed a treatment protocol for the rehabilitation of Covid-19 with PICS syndrome. We can also treat Covid-19 patients with residual symptoms who did not need intensive nursing.


The Covid-19 rehabilitation treatment is a 4-8 week multidisciplinary clinical programme, led by a rehabilitator and a pneumologist (lung specialist). The treatment team consists of a group of 30 professionals, including specialised physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians and cardiologists.


Patients can begin to participate in rehabilitation treatment just two weeks after testing negative for Covid-19.


Medifit  Rehabilitation Centre has been providing clinical and outpatient rehabilitation, along with other pathologies, for more than 20 years. They work mainly orthopaedic, neurological and pulmonary patients, with lung conditions such as COPD. It’s a multi-disciplinary centre staffed by experienced therapists, doctors and specialists.


Within the rehabilitation centre, Medifit utilise the most technically advanced rehabilitation equipment, in conjunction with professional therapists with up-to-date knowledge. Before starting rehabilitation, patients undergo an extensive medical examination to determine their true physical condition. Following this, in consultation with a doctor or specialist, a unique recovery programme is created, identifying and targeting each patient’s personal health requirements.


Patients can attend the centre as inpatients or outpatients. Accommodation is in luxury, specially adapted apartments and includes full board and all essential clinical care. Medifit looks forward to assisting with your recovery from Covid-19 and other debilitating conditions.

About Medifit Reha:


On May 25 2019, Medifit Rehabilitation Centre received an award from The Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences Ramón y Cajal.  The award recognises the excellent professional care and Medifit’s prestige in the field of innovative multidisciplinary rehabilitation.




Contact details: 


Rehabilitation Centre Medifit, Carretera Moraira Benitatchel 22, 03724, Moraira, Alicante

Phone: (0034) 966 495 448

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