Medcare Spain, Benijofar: Why it’s a great idea to become a member

Medcare Spain, located in Benijofar on the southern Costa Blanca, has been serving the expat community in Spain since 2005. The clinic now treats several thousand patients in Benijofar and Alfaz del Pi in the northern Costa Blanca. The brainchild of Dr Najma Hussain, Medcare provides health care for Expat and Spanish residents, holiday makers and so-called ‘health care tourists.’ They work alongside the Spanish health service, and can arrange for  referral to hospital if necessary.


The clinic provides a comprehensive service, consisting of full GP and medical services, cosmetic surgery and non-surgical skin rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures. Also, you can access their extensive dental services, including traditional dentistry, modern orthodontic services, implants, teeth whitening, and the latest invisible teeth straightening options, which are much more comfortable than traditional straightening solutions, and completely discreet. All people will notice is the beauty of your smile!


Clearly, there are a number of ways in which you can access Medcare’s many services, but one thing you may not realise is that you can also access peace of mind and convenience for a very small annual outlay. Medcare offers two inclusive membership options, tailored to suit your circumstances and keep you healthy. Both options come with  significant discounts on a number of different Medcare consultations and services.


Medcare Basic Membership:


Medcare Benijofar


This package is suited to people who are generally fit and healthy, with no chronic health conditions. It’s designed for people who prefer an English-led GP service if they fall ill or need tests. Key features of this plan are:

  • Initial free consultation with doctor, followed by substantially discounted substantial consultations.
  • Basic blood tests for cholesterol levels and diabetes.
  • Screening for cervical cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Reduced rates for nurse and dental services.
  • Fast track referral to the most appropriate hospital to treat your condition,  if required.

Medcare Annual Health Plan: 


Medcare Benijofar


This comprehensive health plan is designed to give peace of mind to people with chronic conditions which mean they need to see the doctor more often. It includes a complete annual health MOT. You can expect to receive:

  • A full range of blood tests to check organ function as well as cholesterol levels and indicators of diabetes.
  • ECG, BMI measurement
  • Initial consultation and tests conducted by nurse.
  • Results from doctor, plus 4 free consultations through the year for single members and 6 for couples, and one follow up appointment each time.
  • Discounted services for nurse, dental treatments and osteopath.
  • Priority appointments over other patients.
  • Fast track referral to the most appropriate hospital to treat your condition,  if required.


Medcare Benijofar


This option is more popular with older expats, and those who want the reassurance of an annual health check. It’s also a good idea if there are any concerns regarding hereditary conditions, since any changes will be highlighted sooner rather than later with the regular health checks. There’s also a diabetic plan option, including regular nurse and doctor consultations, blood and urine tests, and vision checks at an eye hospital in Alicante.


Advantages of Medcare Membership:


  • No waiting around in hospitals or health centres.
  • Straightforward system with all treatments under a single roof, and a minimum of paperwork.
  • All your results are in one place
  • Some patients may be embarrassed about discussing intimate medical issues with a translator, or mental health conditions.
  • Some conditions are not easy to explain in other languages, which could lead to confusion.
  • Medcare plans are cost effective, since there is no need to employ a translator. Remember that if you are waiting around a hospital for two or three hours, you will have to pay your translator for all that time, each time you go.


A Medcare membership plan is a good idea for many people, for many reasons, but the stand out reason is peace of mind. You can discuss your health concerns with a nurse or doctor in your own language, and your test results will be explained fully. You will also be offered advice on mitigating symptoms and prevention of health problems.

Contact the Medcare team for more information about their membership plans. And if you prefer to discuss your medical issues in English, Medcare is the place to go.


Contact Details:


Medcare Benijofar



Calle del Sol No 2, Benijofar, 03178

Calle Oslo 24, Alfaz del Pi, 03580

Telephone: 966 860 258



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