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Hiring the person who is going to capture moments of your life that will never be repeated, such as your wedding day, is not an easy task. You spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram, trying to find that perfect wedding photographer for your big day, and that can be overwhelming.


Well, that’s what we’re here for! To help you hire the best wedding photographer for yourself. At Spain Life, we want to tell you we have had the pleasure to meet McClure Photography, one of the best photography businesses not only for weddings, which they are specialists in also but in many other fields.



Who are they

Alex McClure and his wife Olivia formed their business more than 15 years ago and it is a great team all around. Alex puts all his experience and passion for photography into practice and his wife, a graphic designer, and photographer by profession, helps in the creative part, in addition to providing all her experience in video editing.


This can only lead to exceptional projects where professionalism and commitment meet.




Natural style of wedding photography



There are many terms used to describe his style of natural wedding photography, but in essence, his discreet approach to a more authentic and honest style as a wedding photographer is one that doesn’t dictate or direct but simply observes and discreetly captures genuine, un-staged and spontaneous moments as they unfold, naturally.


One of his objectives is always to get to know the protagonists a little better, either through the pre-wedding session or simply by having a chat with them. McClure personalizes each job until he finds the essence of each couple, always making them feel comfortable, uninhibited… for this, he has a special talent by always making couples relax, have fun and importantly enjoy the day with no worries.




Actually, other than the odd, pre-planned traditional family group photo, McClure typically spends most of the wedding day photographing real and meaningful moments between family and friends, so that you won’t miss any important detail.





A skilled natural-style wedding photographer is one that you shouldn’t notice too much and yet has the competence to spend the entire day in the thick of the action photographing uninhibited interactions between family and friends.

Well, that’s McClure, his work won’t have an impact on the atmosphere or flow of the day itself, but instead will capture magical moments that you will always have to make you remember one of the best days in your life because yes weddings are full of these beautiful and often fleeting moments, elements that represent the true essence of a wedding day.




Much more than wedding photography


McClure has extensive experience not only in weddings but also in other types of photography such as industrial, real estate, product photography, fashion, advertising in general. For this, he has his own indoor studio for carrying out any project of this type.




And that’s not all, he also carries out 3D work, the only system that captures everything in one, which creates realistic and interactive experiences in 3D and VR, so realistic like you were really there.


This technology is perfect for projects such as:

Residential real estate marketing

Tourism, hospitality, and events

Rapid construction documentation

Virtual reality content creation

And much more.





So, with all this being said, if you are still wondering what’s the best photographer for you, we highly recommend you to have a chat with them or pay a visit. They are working with clients from all over Spain, and they love to combine their work with projects from the countryside to the beach, and are always open to any proposal put forward.


So if you are definitely looking for a professional photographer, you’ve just found him!


Contact Details:



C/Magallanes 4, Denia


630 704 187



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