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Thinking about buying a sofa and you don’t even know where to start? You are not alone. We ask Pablo from MásQueSofás to give us his expert opinion on couches.

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In the world of couches, with so many options and styles, choosing the right furniture that is perfect for you and your needs can be a daunting prospect. Maybe you already know what you want but what’s on offer is not of your liking. This is when expert help becomes necessary.

We got in contact with Pablo from MásQueSofás  to tell us a little about him and his company and to give us his expert advice on sofas.

MásQueSofás premium sofas

Thirty years of experience in the industry

We need to look back 30 years when this company had a furniture factory where they started doing commercial models. Due to the 90s crisis in Spain, they changed their business model becoming not only a factory but a distribution company as well with several physical stores.
At the time this enterprise was called Almacén del Tresillo opening shops all over the Levante coast.


MásQueSofás, a new beginning

Riding on the success of this brand and the experience gathered over the years, in 2014, MásQueSofás, was born. They specialise in creating premium products with quality finishes and excellent customer service. MásQueSofás puts the customer at the centre of the buying experience.


What differentiates them from their competitors is that they offer after-sale service. That means that when others leave you at your own devices, this company, for a reasonable fee, they will replace the fabric or fix the electrical mechanism of your sofa.  And because they are the makers, your old sofa will be as new again

Three things you need to know before buying a sofa

  • First, you have to be sure that the aesthetics of your sofa is right for you. For inspiration, you can look at social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.


  • Then, it has to be comfortable when you try it. You can only do this research properly when you go to a shop and sit on a sofa.


  • It has to be the right size to decorate your home harmoniously.  Furniture these days are more than just a place where you sit on, it has become a piece of decoration, a status symbol.


Great selection of premium sofas at MásQueSofás


MásQueSofás specialises in creating comfortable and stylish sofas since 2014


They focus all their energy on creating products to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and rested. They create exclusive designs for all spaces, from small lofts to large rest spaces.

They are manufacturers, so thanks to this, they can offer their client products with the finish they want, be it colour, fabric, leather, reclining headboard, hardness, extensible bass or other specifications. In MásQueSofás , they only use quality materials to achieve the best results, no matter what your style is.


Also, by manufacturing their products and following strict quality controls, MásQueSofás can offer competitive prices all year around. On top of offering Premium sofas, sofa beds and chaise lounge, they also have mattresses, armchairs, carpets, coffee tables and end tables. So in one stop you can get the living room of your dreams and finance it all to pay it comfortably.



Más Que Sofás Sensations
Ctra de Valencia,k88 Nº23
03550, San Juan ( Alicante, Spain )

Phone: 966 277 657
Mob: 687 146 054

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