Maranda Furniture: Top Living Room Design Trends

Maranda Furniture showcase a large range of innovative designs for any taste. From stark, clean lines for the modernist to soft, classical pieces for the traditionalist and everything in between. No matter your aesthetic, you will surely find the right anchor piece for your living room.


The living room is the heart of the home and the sofa is the heart of the living room. Whether you are living in a small flat in the city or a large sprawling villa on the beach, the most important piece of furniture in your living room is your sofa. For most of us, the sofa is the anchor of our living room design- it’s the first piece of furniture we buy and the aesthetic of the living room is based around it.


Modern Neutrals

A combination of neutral tones creates a calming and serene atmosphere. But there’s much more to neutrals than just beige. These days, there are swathes of neutral tones that make for a clean and modern design. This lovely blue sofa chaise lounge is a great example. It’s clean and simple and can be combined with pops of colour or other neutral tones.


Bold Colours

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can make a statement by choosing a sofa in a bold, bright colour. A sofa in red or orange, for example can be just the right accent to a living room. Maranda have a whole range of sofa’s and beautiful, bright colours to add some sunshine to your space.



But bold sofa choices don’t stop there. You can go big with a velvet sofa. This large black chaise lounge sofa is the perfect touch of luxury and elegance in a room.










Space Saving and Corner Sofas

Not everyone has a large living space to play with. And even if you do, a large sprawling sofa may still not be the right choice. Corner sofas, or chaise lounge sofas, are an ideal space saving solution. They are compact, they are great for lounging and relaxing, and they look fantastic. Whether you want a small 4 seat corner sofa or a large 6 person L sofa, you can find the solution you want at Maranda.



Maranda Furniture delivers furniture solutions to meet all design needs. Their innovative, top quality and beautiful designs are a fantastic addition to any home. Visit them in their showroom at Calle Nápoles, 11 in Jávea where you will be welcomes with personal and friendly service or visit their website at

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