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In the last few decades, everything surrounding the TV has changed a lot. With the rise of the Internet and technology overall, Smart TVs appeared together with the possibility of getting to the Internet from the TV and being able to watch, for example, YouTube videos on a big screen and from the comfort of your sofa.


In the beginning, the functions of Smart TVs were very simple, but today they have replaced some homes the traditional television. So it is important that many TV channels have already developed their Smart TV application, allowing viewers to enjoy on-demand programming.


All the platforms currently available have changed the way we watch television forever these video-on-demand sites have given viewers the freedom to watch what they want, on the day they want and at the time they want. And that has made the viewer completely the key to everything.


So now with endless possibilities of channels and access to platforms we strive to want the full package and have access to it all so we have found that our recommended retailer here in Costa Blanca namely Starsat is here to help us make the most of what we need.


For it, they work with IP TV and Google Chromecast as well as Apple TV and Fire TV to allow us to watch live TV over the Internet. You only need to be connected to the network to enjoy your favorite programs either from your mobile phone, browser, or Android TV. Starsat is the official supplier of these services and will take care of everything, from advising you with the best suits your needs to installing it.



They are a certified specialist dealer for TV, audio, and satellite technology so you can rely on them for any matter concerning your entertainment at home. Don’t forget they also install and program the standard satellite TV.


Interested in making the most of your TV?

Bright and razor-sharp: with the new SAMSUNG TV series The Terrace, you can now enjoy great picture quality outdoors with QLED 4K technology and a brightness of up to 4,000 nits. Satellite tuner DVB-S2 and all other Smart TV functions are also on board.


The next European Football Championship in the garden or on the terrace is guaranteed: The Terrace 65 “; The Terrace 55“. The devices can now be ordered from Starsat Company.






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For further information on this or any other service or product, contact Starsat, give them a call on  96648055.  They will be happy to assist you.



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