Make defeating addiction your New Year’s resolution.

The year 2020. We start a new year and a new decade and of course, there is always a long list packed with resolutions. For people with addiction problems, stopping alcohol or other substances such as cocaine or cannabis becomes a priority target for this new year. Why not get help? As the moment is now.

Gone are the parties and the excesses that are associated with them: meals, family and friends meetings, end of the year parties, business lunches, circumstances after which one realises that enough is enough, that a change of lifestyle is long due. In many cases, the consequences are already starting to spiral out of control: family and relationship issues, breach of work commitments or economic and legal problems.

If this is a reality for you or you know someone who may be living this situation, this is a great time to put an end to it and make the decision to recover the meaning of your life again. To identify at which stage you at, check Triora’s self-tests of addiction to substances like alcohol, cocaine, cannabis or bad habits like gambling, gaming and others.

The road to addiction recovery it's closer than you think with Triora.

Here you have a list of actions you can take that can help you achieve your New Year’s resolution:


Set yourself a clear and achievable goal

Don’t just say “I have to drink less” or “I have to stop drugs”, they are very generic and inaccurate concepts. Usually, the person who consumes has a “favourite” substance, one that they consume more frequently. There are situations in which the person is consuming more cocaine, but it is doing it so after drinking alcohol which drives them to take the next step, which is the consumption of cocaine and other substances. Try to identify what situations are risky for you and take measures, such as avoiding the places that trigger these situations or not frequenting the environments that lead you to consume drugs


Triora, make deafeating addiction your New Year's resolution


Seek support from family and loved ones

People close to us, such as our partners, loved ones and family members are key to the recovery process. Seek support in them. It can be a complicated situation, considering that they have endured many times the consequences of your continued consumption, and it is not easy to find the inner strength to ask them for help. But it is proven that just one family member gets to do the job of five therapists. It is worth the try.


Triora, private and seculded places to get welll


Professional help is key 

Seek professional help if you see that by yourself you are not able to achieve your objectives even when you try your hardest. Depending on the severity and degree of addiction, it is very tough to overcome this by ourself. A professional medical-therapeutic team with experience in addiction treatment will guide you through the process. The treatments are becoming more innovative and complete. Therefore seek help as you do not have to go through this alone.  


The Triora Model

The Triora group has admission clinics and outpatient treatment centres in Alicante, Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona. In a first free consultation, depending on the degree of addiction, the doctor analyses all the factors then creates a personalized plan for each person.    

Additionally, choosing the type of program to follow is very important.  


Made in the Netherlands

The Triora Model is a methodology developed in the Netherlands, focused on recognized therapeutic methods in the treatment of addictions, such as cognitive behavioural therapy and psychiatric treatment. An integral vision of the person, working on the well-being and healing at three levels: body, mind and values. Find information and get advice on the best option for you or your loved one.


Private and Discreet

If admission for treatment is necessary, you can find Triora clinics located in quiet and discreet settings. The induction programs last between 6 and 12 weeks, according to the needs of each person. An expert medical-therapeutic team with more than ten years of experience, will follow you and guide you throughout the recovery process 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Outpatient treatment

If you can’t set aside professional or personal commitments to recover, there is the option of outpatient treatment in individual or group sessions with therapists.

Like the admission clinics, the Triora outpatient centres in Madrid, Barcelona and soon in Almeria, are located in strategic locations of easily communicated cities, in private and discrete spaces.

In 2020 start a life free of addictions. Contact with Triora and a specialist will explain what is the best option for you and your loved one. Don’t wait any longer. The moment is now.

Dr Cosme Sanchís Martínez

General practitioner addiction expert

Triora Alicante

Do you think you have an addiction? Look for the help you need today, for yours and your family’s sake. The first consultation is free. On the Triora website, you can find tests to check if you have a problem:

If you need more information, please contact the clinic in Alicante through the telephone number +34 965 150 965, with the clinic in Malaga through the telephone number +34 952 641 207 and with the clinic in Madrid through the number +34 911 697 207.

Also, if you want to call from abroad, the direct telephone number for international patients is +44 (0) 8000 88 50 19.

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