Madhouse Gallery: An Art Oasis in Altea

Madhouse Gallery is a vibrant and eclectic oasis of unfiltered artistic expression. Opening in January 2020, this unique gallery located in the charming Altea has already made a big splash with locals and art aficionados alike. And although the walls are exploding with intriguing pieces of work, Madhouse Gallery has so much more to offer than just 4-sided canvases.


Madhouse Gallery is the lovechild of Dutch artist Tamara Sneep who started the gallery to display her own work and also that of other intriguing artists. Currently there are over 19 different artists showing at Madhouse Gallery and they represent a wide variety of styles and mediums.


Artist Van Apple creates works that take inspiration from modern culture with a hint a comical charm. You may see a beloved cartoon character from your childhood reimagined or a recognizable logo used in the most surprising way. I personally am drawn to the piece ¨Hugh Hefner¨ which displays a portrait of the late playboy and various female sex symbols, including the cartoon Lola Bunny, all mosaiced over a comically large 100-dollar bill. It is fun, interesting yet thought-provoking.


Madhouse Gallery

Hugh Hefner By Van Apple

Madhouse Gallery

Tony Montana by Peter Donkersloot


I also find a special connection to the work from Peter Donkersloot . His pieces often reflect famous, and some infamous, characters of both cinema and real-life history but executed in a hauntingly stunning and unique way. Using the tradition of layer on layer add depth and realistic detail to his paintings. He plays with the boundaries of canvas and frame, blurring the typical expectation of where one begins and the other ends.


You could spend endless hours exploring all the incredible pieces lining the gallery walls but don’t get too distracted and miss all the stunning furniture and accessories also offered at Madhouse. After all, art is not something that just hangs on a wall to be looked at. Art can be a part of your life, living with you and integrated into a space instead of existing as a foreign element.


Madhouse is pleased to offer a quirky variety of accessories to elevate your interior spaces with style, intrigue and whimsy. The team at Madhouse simple cannot stand to see boring elements haphazardly placed in a space so each item they carry has to demand attention. Add a chic yet whimsical charm to a space with a life size zebra balancing between two rooms. Or a devastatingly stylish Chanel surfboard is a must for any space that needs a beach vibe with a hint of luxe.


Madhouse Gallery

Madhouse Gallery


Madhouse Gallery is a haven of artistic expression in so many different forms. From detailed paintings to larger to life sculptures, the gallery is filled with exclusive pieces that make you look twice. Visit the gallery in Altea and bring one of these unique and exuberant artworks home with you. To check out more of their pieces visit the Madhouse Gallery website by clicking here.


Contact Details:

Address: Carrer Mare Nostrum 2,

03590 Altea






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